With Scenes, you can make yourself available to hang out, or discover cool things to do near you - without sending a single message or posting to a big social network. It's the best way to get out without any of the normal work or pressure.

This is also especially helpful at seeing others pictures within the same Scene - like at aparty or game where you took some pics but want to share or exchange them with others who were part of the night.

Scenes also shows you anytime a friend or connection has opened up a scene in your area - giving you a variety of options to be social, depending on whatever you're in the mood for.

Just open the app, and take a look. One friend might be having a glass at a local wine bar, another watching the big game - the possibilities are endless.

Best of all, it's easy to join a scene and let everyone know you're coming right from within the app. It's never been easier to have an amazing social life.

With the Scenes app, you can quickly create a scene - anytime, anywhere - and make yourself available to friends or other connections in your area. Just set a time and location - and that's it!

This means others can join you, or not, without any pressure. There's no need to send direct messages or post to your entire Facebook friends list


The idea was as simple as to build a mobile platform to make things a lot easier for people to get connected and to share things between their close ones in the real world by creating a scene and inviting them to join the same.


  • Requirement analysis

    - To create a scene with time, date and location. A scene will have title and description.

    - To invite people to the scene via Scenes, Facebook, email and contacts.

    - To invite people to the scene via Scenes, Facebook, email and contacts.

    - To make sure only scene creator can invite others to join.

    - To make sure the scene and the images, videos shared in the scene are visible only to the invited friends who accepted the invitation.

    - To allow the invited friends to comment below the pics and posts.

  • And did a thorough market research on the same.
  • Deciding technical stack

    - Based on the requirements, a technical team was formed who are very much apt to handle the task and bring out an awe-inspiring outcome. The tech stack included Node.js, MongoDB, Socket.IO, Backbone.js etc

  • Design

    - The initial UX designs were sketched out which can attract the social engaging app addicts all the way.

  • Prototyping & Development

    - A basic prototype was developed and passed to the QA team for a thorough analysis.

  • Future

    Currently Scenes app is available only on AppStore. The developers are still continuously working on Scenes to feature one-to-one communication in the next phase.

Challenges & Solution

Challenge 1
Setting the position of search display controller.

A search display controller that allows users to browse simpler on Scenes was an uncompromised part in this project. So we developers at Toobler teamed up to bring out a very advanced user friendly search display controller. Simultaneously the other challenging task we faced was the animation of the search display controller. At the initial stage, the search display controller looked awful and didn't leave any impression to the users. So, in order to sort it out we implemented animation which swings well in touch with the search display controller.

Challenge 2
To implement a left menu using multiple storyboard.

Developing a left menu using multiple storyboard was a laborious task since synchronising the multiple storyboard in real time was a real challenging one. What we did in such a scenario was using slidemenu library we updated the customized table view and linked with view controller.

Challenge 3
Instant comment and image posting.

Just like any other social engaging app, the users of Scenes would love to have instant comment and image posting feature and is certainly an imperative feature to be highlighted. Analyzing the requirement we found nothing better than Socket.IO which lets real-time bidirectional event-based communication and works on every platform focusing equally on reliability and speed. And we implemented Socket.IO for instant messaging, image sharing and comment posting.

Challenge 4
Left menu.

Implement slider view animation.


These are the technologies we used to develop Scenes


TATE J HOWE CEO at Scenes, Inc.
The team at Toobler has been a pleasure to work with. They put out quality work with great turnaround time. The iOS developers have taken my UI and brought it to life.


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