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Toobler Technologies, a startup venture in 2008, in its prosperous completion of 6 years is still enthusiastically continuing helping the lean startups around the world in achieving their goals. It's not a simple single thing that attracts people to Toobler to hold hands together, but multiple tons of reasons making the firm stand out from the rest.

We have helped 55 startups around the world so far supporting them fulfilling their dreams. It's just not doing different projects or continuously working on the same project, but making out complete new things to the world based on innovative ideas of our clients, which we believe out of the world and from which we experience overwhelming proud and happiness.

The year 2014 was much more than the previous years for Toobler. Along with the addition in the employee strength, we could also strengthen the rack of our library by putting in new technologies to the library. It's very essential to get updated with the latest technology in the industry in order to provide the best output to the clients. And we have a special wing at Toobler, R & D, who continuously research out for newly introduced technologies and make the whole team learnt to use them successfully.

we picked up in 2014

  • Marionette

    Mariaonette is a newly developed application library for Backbone.js released . The major function of Mariaonette is to simplify the development of large scale JavaScript applications. Adding Marionette into the garage, Toobler has become an expertise in writing even bigger JavaScript applications with Backbone.js.

  • Zeromq

    Releasing in March, 2014, Toobler caught up the new technology, Zeromq, adding to the rack making the firm more efficient in developing world class stuffs. Zeromq is a high performance asynchronous messaging library, that runs without a dedicated message medium, developed in order to handle concurrent applications which are in large scale.

  • Apache Couchdb

    Apache Couchdb aka Couchdb is basically a database used to store data from web to enhance a fast web browsing. This open source wholly embraces the web and store the data with JSON Documents. Using the web browser, it also helps to access documents and query the indexes via HTTP. Couchdb is the other technology Toobler is scaling high now a days.

  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning is the other major technology through which we could help a good number of startups in recent times. It is as simple as learning automatically in order to program systems and thus to improve user experience to the next level. ML is more a scientific method that deals with the algorithms learning from data. Based on data, algorithms create models, which make predictions assisting the user.

  • Big Data

    We are Big Data expertise helping big, medium and small corporates to process database and software techniques faster. Unlike the traditional methodologies, Big Data is fast and accurate to analyse massive structured and unstructured data of a firm without breaking down the processing capacity.

  • iBeacon

    We help you grow your business to the next level using Apple's latest Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology - iBeacon. iBeacon is basically a a hardware system positioned inside a particular shop or shopping mall, which syncs with iOS and Android operating devices via Bluetooth. With this people can get to know about the products, and offers available in shops and shopping malls.

delivered major projects


The Hotel

The Hotel is a SaaS tablet app developed for Humming Blue. The app lets you know all the information regarding a particular hotel including room services, food menu, and the other services available. Using the app you can order things with a single fingertip.

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android cocoatouch php codeigniter


Advisorfi is an online platform to store all financial data of a company. The tool also lets you to get connected with in house expert accountants and offers a worry free entrepreneurship. All financial data in one place and updates in real time is the highlight of Advisorfi.

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Plicks is a total social engaging responsive store for photo freaks who love taking pics and uploading on social media profiles. It lets you to collect, create and publish albums. You can collect images from your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more! But that is not all, now you can drag in pics from Plicks albums to your Wordpress, Drupal, and Symfony stories using a plugin!

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Gymlion is an online marketplace where people can get connected with gym trainers on the east coast. On Gymlion you can list your gym, and your availability of taking physical training classes, so that visitors can hire you for a unique fitness experience ranging in different prices.



The Scenes is a social engaging app running in iOS devices, which lets people to get connected in a very different and simpler way. Using Scenes anyone can create an event and invite people to the same. Later, pics, videos, posts and much more can be shared under that particular event which are visible only to those invited people.

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Moving Permits

Moving Permits

Moving Permits is an online service provided by a Boston based firm, Permit Puller, which legally allowing you to park your moving vehicle or moving container. People can request a permit to park in thelisted cities available on the website and iOS app.

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