5 Compelling Tools to Help You Find a Killer Brand Name

G_ _ gle, Fac_ _ook, Inst_ g _ am

I am sure most of you were able to find out the missing letters with utmost ease. Even if some of you might have got confused eventually you will be able to guess the missing letters.

Have you ever thought how is this possible?

Well, this answers “What’s in a company name” A lot I would say especially if you are starting a new business. The right business name can make a huge difference when it comes to brand recognition.

The power of a well-thought brand name is staggering as it becomes a part of the customer’s day-to-day conversations and also synonymous with items they represent like Xerox with photocopy.

A name is a moniker that epitomizes your organization and how people will search for your brand and remember it.

Once you have realized the importance of choosing the right name for your brand, the next big question is How to find the right name for your business?

Finding an awesome brand name is no easy task and when you finally choose one it’s already taken!

We have come up with a list of 5 tools that will actually help you in finding the best name ideas for your business.

1) Meet Squadhelp!

The incredible platform helps you find the Perfect Name for a Company, Brand, Website, Service, Book, Business, App, Product. You can either choose from a hand-picked collection of creative names available for immediate sale or start a naming contest engaging naming experts across the globe.

2) Hey! There you are Namelix!

Unlike conventional name generators, the platform generates catchy, unique, short and  brandable names that are relevant to your business using artificial intelligence. Once you save a name, the intelligent platform uses an algorithm to give you better recommendations based on your preferences.

3) Say hello to Panabee! 

A simple way to search for company names, app names, domain names. The tool also helps you buy the online address associated with your personal name. In case the perfect name is already taken, the platform comes up with plenty of suggestions based on your business idea.Not just names but it also checks app name, domain name and social media username availability. 

4) Good to see you Naming Force!

Find your dream brand name with business name contests. The platform runs premium name contests with over 5oo experienced namers competing. The names are then ranked based on different criteria like U.S. trademark status, social media username availability and domain name registration and finally you choose the winner.

5) Greetings of the day Namesmith!

Brainstorm name ideas as Namesmith generates suggestions using a maximum of 5 keywords. Adding to the beauty of the platform is its ability to create portmanteaus by misspelling keywords in fun ways or adding suffixes/prefixes. Create fancy names!

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