Jose Gonsalo

Does it make sense deploying Swift instead of Java in Android?

It has been a great source of buzzes since Oracle escalated things to the court filing lawsuits against the world’s largest internet space, Google, in 2008, prosecuting that the search engine giant allegedly infringed copyright by manipulating the programming language Java, wholly owned by Oracle, for commercial purpose in Android development. There are reports that […]

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How to migrate Parse DB to self-hosted MongoDB?

Parse, a back-end service provider for mobile applications, has officially announced its retirement and will be completely phasing out its deployment on January 28, 2017. Unfortunately, this might be one the worst nightmares for SMEs who very much rely on Parse Server. Turning out to be an open source platform, Parse Server lets you to […]

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How to get a Node.js application into a Docker container?

Linux container technology that Docker looks built upon has been in the tech ecosystem since 2008. However, the sudden hype of Docker seems awaken from some clueless land of technologies. Solomon Hykes, a serial entrepreneur, hacker started using the technology Docker for his internal project for his founded company, DotCloud. Back in March 2013, Docker […]

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