Web Platform for Businesses to Evolve Online

Project Overview

A professional software suite built to help local businesses to create a flourishing online presence. This cloud-based web application has seven products that assist in building a brand online. Customers creating websites are automatically placed across the web and is listed in Google My Business. Web Builder ensures that their clients are understood and served better in the online world.

Business Challenge

Web Builder wanted to reduce the time invested in creating online presence for their customers. A platform that would bring together online business tools which provide hassle-free business management. Many of the customers found it intimidating and time consuming to manage their online businesses. Web Builder wanted to change that.

Business Requirement

The client asked for a web platform or application with a drag and drop website builder which even a non-technical person could handle. The other features required were automation of Google My Business, Local SEO, placement of a business across the web, local SEO, a messaging hub, online reviews, Booking management system, contact hub, email marketing platform. email notifications.

Our Approach

A technology stack that could be scaled after the initial development.The initial requirement, for a drag-and-drop website builder, was built within five to six months. The Minimum Viable Product (MVP), in time, expanded to include the rest of the modules: Booking, Sites, Messenger, Reviews, Placement, Contact Hub, Engagement.

Our Solution

A complete digital software suite catering to both single users and large-scale operators. The seven products assist in streamlining their digital presence by managing hundreds of business locations online. The success of the MVP resulted in the scalability of the product, making it a profitable application.

Business Benefits
  • 2000 plus customers on-boarded in the first sprint.
  • Awarded the 16th place out of 100 fastest growing companies in San Diego.
  • Awarded the 416th place in Inc. 500.
Features & Functionality

SitesOne of the best online responsive website builder with built-in modern templates. It has a mobile-first drag and drop interface.

PlacementThis product ensures that the business is automatically placed at various digital services including local directories and search sites along with Google My Business listing. This ensures visibility for businesses everywhere.

MessengerWith Messenger, clients can instantly message with businesses whenever and wherever possible. When a Facebook messenger integrates with Web Builder, all messages are delivered to the both web and mobile app. Businesses can integrate a chat widget in all their websites and all the messages received are displayed in both the web and mobile application.

ReviewsThe centralized review hub in the dashboard receives feedbacks and reviews from customers instantly. Reviews can be send as tiny urls in SMS to a customer mobile or as email surveys. All the reviews are displayed in the required websites.

BookingBusinesses that schedule appointments as a task could use Web Builder booking facility to manage all their client bookings. After Google or Outlook calendar syncs with the app, all appointments are updated in both the database and calendar. With this feature, customers can book appointments online with the available time slots. The admin alone is authorized to reschedule appointments.

Contact HubThe cloud-based contact hub imports and syncs all customer contact information into the centralized dashboard collected from the Booking, Messenger, Sites products and subscribers. Outbound messages can be send as email and SMS format. Contacts can be grouped for email campaigns.

EngagementThe engagement feature is an email marketing platform that sends promotional and loyalty offers using pre-defined templates to their clients. The owner can target the grouped contacts with personalized messages and email campaigns on the latest products and services.