Development Process

6 Steps to Build Your MVP the Right Way

A rapidly changing technology and the economy has paved the way for entrepreneurship. Knowledge and information are now available at your fingertips. You are still apprehensive to put your concept forward and watch it take shape. You have this natural fear – the humongous amount of risk involved in bringing a new product to market. […]

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How DevOps Can Make Product Thinking Come Alive

Product thinking is a transformative mindset that keeps the company one step ahead of its customers. It gives the company the vision to see where the customers would want to go next with the product. However, like all complicated processes, this approach is more than just a buzzword. It translates to a working and thinking […]

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Why You Need a Product Thinking Development Team

In today’s competitive and meta-cognitive world, designing a product means designing for the future. If we view it merely as a project, it would mean sticking to schedules and working towards specific outcomes. However, products, as we know, operate beyond timelines. The challenge before product development today is to design with a vision. Why product […]

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Scrum for Agile software development

Ego outside, Scrum inside! Yes! You read it, right? Before you start reading this blog, we advise you to keep your ego outside (for those who feel scrum is useless). Let’s Start! Scrum is an agile way to manage a project, usually software development. Agile software development with Scrum is often perceived as a methodology […]

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