Offshore Development

Freelance Developer or Offshore Dev Agency – Who to Trust with Your Product Idea?

When it comes to Product Development, hiring services from a freelance developer or an offshore development agency gives the choice of having specialized skill sets. According to the Future Workforce Report 2018 , 88% of companies have made progress in adopting a flexible talent strategy. However, the choice between a freelance developer and an offshore […]

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How to Apply DevOps to Offshore Teams

According to Accelerance, the global outsourcing market was worth close to US$90 billion in 2015. Many off-shore teams have enormous expertise and technical prowess. It is only a question of injecting the DevOps culture and philosophy into their systems. Offshore teams pluralize to different needs, cultures, and deadlines. A model of continuous delivery, if part […]

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Why businesses should adopt DevOps?

What we need to understand while adopting DevOps? Even though DevOps made it to the mainstream technology front a decade ago, there are still many questions that need to be answered before adopting a fully functional DevOps platform. A DevOps platform can blend development, operations, and testing teams together, and set up cross-functional teams to […]

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What’s in a name? Passion – Toobler

It all began when Bobin George (CEO) and Jerry Don (CTO) were working together as developers for an IT software company. It was the year 2006 when Amazon launched EC2, companies began their historical shift from local servers to remotely hosted data centres or in other words, the early stages of ‘cloud computing’. They realized […]

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Digital Transformation – And What it Means

“Efforts in customer experience often serve as the heart and soul of digital transformation” – Brian Sollis. (2016 State of Digital Transformation) Digital Transformation, according to Wikipedia, ‘is the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society’ In other words, Digital Transformation is the explosive and speedy transformation of […]

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We help Dutch startups creating software solutions

This time, Toobler Technologies has stretched out its arm to the beautiful European realm, Netherlands, to help out young entrepreneurs, software professionals, and innovators with the campaign ‘We help Dutch startups’. The motive of the campaign is to help startups and SMEs with resources what Toobler has been excelled for the past years. We are […]

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