Why startups need to look into Serverless Computing for Building MVPs?

Serverless computing or ‘Function-as-a-Service’ (FaaS) is the next big thing in cloud architecture after monolith and microservices. While it does not mean “no servers” in the literal sense, Serverless takes off the responsibility of managing them from your shoulders. Infrastructure management tasks like server provisioning, operating system maintenance, scaling, capacity provisioning, are all taken care […]

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Containers & Microservices Changing the Application Execution Strategy

To survive in today’s economy, organizations need an architecture and development process resembling factory assembly lines that are highly efficient. In response to these demands, organizations have long moved from traditional solution architecture to Microservices – the emerging platform for applications. The move brings with it an advantage of having an architecture that enables agile […]

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Achieve Quick, Independent Service Delivery with Microservices Architecture

Microservices architecture has been consistently gaining a foothold in the software development industry for quite some time now.According to recent survey from Nginx, microservices is touted to go mainstream in the immediate future, with 36 percent of enterprises surveyed currently using it, and another 26 percent conducting research and running pilot projects. Microservices architecture is […]

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API Testing Using Katalon

As we all know, “Test Automation” is one of the most important and unavoidable factors in the world of testing. With new automation tools invented every day, most of the testers are looking for something that has less coding. Currently, Selenium is one of the most commonly used automation tools. But for Selenium the testers […]

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What is BlockChain Technology? An Analysis

What is Blockchain technology?  For those of you who are in the realm of the software technology, this might be a familiar term. The Blockchain, a decentralized ledger or network, is the fundamental technology used for the implementation of the Bitcoin. The leaders and the pioneers of the blockchain are working real hard to ensure that it’s […]

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