Build your website or web app using free & open source modules.

Unexpected layoffs, urgent bugs, unfair deadlines-stressful situations often unwind without any warning in a developer’s life. With this understanding, we bring to you an amazing tool that can make your life a whole lot easier. Introducing AnyMod!! With AnyMod you can easily build your website or web app using free & open source modules that […]

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Develop Smarter,Deliver Faster with “8base”

Hello everyone! In this edition, we bring to you 8base-it is a platform enabling front-end developers to build and run enterprise-class web and mobile apps powered by GraphQL. Albert Santalo founded 8base after creating two successful health tech companies.     What exactly is this 8base all about? It is essentially  a Developer Acceleration Platform […]

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Start Coding from anywhere anytime

Hello tech enthusiasts!  All geared up for the weekend?  Well, the Friday shout out features an incredible  toolset for web development-Codeanywhere. It enables you to edit, collaborate and run your projects on any device. The amazing tool enables you to code from a browser, phone or tablet running iOS or Android. How cool is that? […]

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Phabricator-Discuss. Plan. Code. Review.

Hello folks! This edition of Startup Shout out features Phacility- A powerful software development platform.Completely open source, it offers a set of tools that help organizations build better software, faster. The  powerful and scalable platform offers applications for Code review,Repository hosting,Bug tracking and Project management Exciting Features The platform has emerged to be a favorite […]

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