How to Elevate your Marketing with Computer Vision?

Hello everyone, in this edition of Startup Shout Out we bring to you Aura Vision Labs. Backed by Y Combinator, the startup superheroes use computer vision to provide unique insights to retail stores about every visitor using the existing cameras. Aura Vision- Make the most out of Existing Cameras One of the biggest advantages associated […]

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Have you ever been in a hospital waiting room while your loved one is undergoing a medical procedure? We all have experienced the uncertainty of a waiting room. It is time to leave the waiting room behind, all thanks to Medifies. What is Medifies? It is an incredible software designed to address the communication issues […]

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Be Understood, Wherever You Go

About Travis translator - banner image

You have been waiting for this amazing vacation for years and finally arrive at the airport of your dream destination.. The feeling can never be put in words. Imagine yourself trying to explain to a cab driver in a language you don’t speak or hardly understand.  With Travis® Touch Plus, the pocket translator, you can […]

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Feel better with Aura Health

Aura Health Application banner image

The kids won’t stop crying, your boss has been after your life for a pending report and the credit card bill is overdue for the past two months. You are truly stressed out !! Even though stress related statistics are not collected periodically but a look at the existing ones is clearly indicative of the […]

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For the love of Cooking

Cooking made easy with Drop - A cooking app

The age-old adage holds true even today.There is no love greater than the love for food in this world. A good meal can do wonders when it comes to uplifting your spirits. While some eat to be happy, some eat just for the sake of eating. Is food your lifeline? If yes here’s some delicious […]

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Sleeping with a snorer?

Eliminate snoring with Hupnos

Imagine being tucked away in a cozy bed with fluffy pillows. All you hear is the soothing sound of wind  rustling through the trees. The alarm has been set for 7 am, tomorrow is a new day to tackle You feel tired and happy at the same time. You are about to doze off and […]

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