Build an app from a spreadsheet in just 5 mins

Build an app from a spreadsheet with glide

How difficult is it to build an app? This is a question app developers often face and honestly, there is no easy way to answer it. Unbelievably simple or showcasing impressive technological wizardry, in a world dominated by the internet and mobile technology, the importance of apps cannot be easily dismissed. Mobile apps are here […]

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Get Ready to Think in Any Language

Fluent forever app - Learn new languages

In a world increasingly becoming more globalized and bilingual, you have more reasons than ever before to learn a new language. Speaking a second language comes with amazing perks like improving memory, ability to multitask, better decision making, opening up a world of new opportunities and many more. “I’d love to learn a new language, […]

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Rebuilding Lives with Great Food

Picha Eats - Rebuilding lives with food

Political turmoil, war and  poverty force thousands of people around the globe to leave the comfort of their homes in search of a better life. There are now more refugees in the world than at any time since 1994 says the United Nations. For most of us, leaving our homeland is a choice but not […]

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Experience the world differently with “Vayable”

Plan your travel with Viable

On the surface, travel may appear as it is about seeing new places but deep within it opens your horizons to life-changing experiences, landscapes, culture, cuisine. A similar experience awaits travel enthusiasts with “Vayable”. Founded by Jamie Wong, Vayable is a one-of-its-kind global platform offering unique experiences created by everyday people. It hosts a thriving […]

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Ideas to Succeed : The Startup Story

Startup ShoutOuts - Introducing successful startups

Everything begins with an idea as it has the power to change the world. Converting  ideas into reality is a completely different ball game resulting in scores of entrepreneurs failing to cross the ideation stage. It is the very difference that separates doers from thinkers. Being an entrepreneur might be the trending fad but by […]

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