Toobler builds Expert Development Team for a California based Startup

Project Overview

Build the perfect website for your business in just minutes with the powerful Web Builder app. The all-in-one cloud-based web application helps build your unique online presence with a stellar website. The seven products in the software suite assist  users in carving out a niche for themselves in the online space. Use the app to build stunning websites and get listed in Google My Business and placed across the web.

California based Startup looks for the Right Team and Platform

While developing the Web Builder app, the major challenge  encountered by the client was in identifying the right developers and an easy-to-use platform with drag and drop capabilities and features like Google My Business, Messaging hub, Online reviews etc.

The essential business tools play a vital role in reducing the time taken to build websites.

Toobler Unlocks a Pool of Software Talent

Being one of our most valuable customers, the association with client based in California has been long and continues till date. After clearly understanding their requirements and timelines, our team of 8-12 developers, experts in AngularJS, NodeJS, AWS cloud, MongoDB kickstarted the development process. Within a few days, the development team was fully operational & started contributing to the ongoing  project.

What was the development process?

The client’s initial requirement of a drag-and-drop website builder was fulfilled within five to six months using a technology stack that could be easily scaled after the initial development phase. Thereafter, the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was expanded to incorporate the remaining modules including Booking, Sites, Messenger, Reviews, Placement, Contact Hub, Engagement.

How does the app work?

The seven products in the digital software suite cater to the requirements of both single and multiple users and help them streamline their digital presence. Users can easily  manage numerous business locations online. With a successful MVP, scalability of the product was easy resulting in a profitable application.

What business benefits did the app provide?
  • 2000 plus customers on-boarded within the first month of launch

  • Awarded the 16th place out of 100 fastest growing companies in San Diego.

  • Awarded the 416th place in Inc. 500.

Features & Functionality

SitesA powerful website platform developed using modern themes becomes the face of a business. With easy drag & drop editor, managing the website is a cakewalk. Responsive Design, built-in SEO helps connect your business with more customers.

PlacementWith this feature, businesses can automatically control where and how their business appears online. It empowers the users to control their business presence on all major online platforms including local directories and search sites along with Google My Business listing. Thus, increasing the online visibility manifolds.

MessengerLeveraging business messaging, enterprises can connect with their customers across the globe. It increases customer interactions by enabling businesses to Instantly engage with them through SMS, Google, Facebook, and website. Further, organizations can also connect business messaging to all the popular channels their customers are already using.

ReviewsBusinesses can easily manage and protect their digital reputation and online reviews with this feature. A centralized review hub in the dashboard receives feedbacks and reviews from customers instantly. Further, an automatic review request can be sent to customers via text message or email. Grow and protect your online reputation!

BookingA complete, fully customizable online booking solution that can be easily added to your website, Google, Facebook, Maps and other popular apps. It provides a modern and hassle-free way for customers to book your services. SMS notification, automatic scheduling, and booking reminders are just a click away!

Contact HubA cloud-based contact hub allows businesses to manage all of their customer interactions. It imports and syncs all customer contact information into the centralized dashboard collected from the Booking, Messenger, Sites, and Subscribers.  Contacts can be easily grouped for email campaigns and thus streamlining business and customer engagement. Further, reschedule appointments, send messages, and promotional offers with just one-click.

EngagementThe engagement feature is an email marketing platform that sends promotional and loyalty offers using pre-defined templates to their clients. The owner can target the grouped contacts with personalized messages and email campaigns on the latest products and services.