Go Live: 6 Things To Do Before Publishing an App

After years of publishing applications to the app store, our team has come up with a checklist showcasing important things to do before publishing your app on Google Play or Apple App Store. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

#1.Thoroughly Understand The App Store Policies and Guidelines

It is vital to understand the app publishing process and guidelines. Both Google Play and Apple App Store offer documents explaining the complete publishing process and a list of launch checklist to help developers successfully publish their app. 

#2.Conduct Extensive Market and Competitor Analysis

This goes without saying, performing market analysis is important before publishing an app. Don’t forget to identify your key competitors while conducting the analysis. It will give you a clear picture of the USPs, functionality, features and market share of the apps your target customers are already using. 

#3.Establish a Clear Pricing Plan

It’s time to think about your app monetization policy. It can have different pricing models like:

  • Free to download
  • Freemium
  • Pay-to-download
  • Subscription pricing 

..and so on.

Freemium pricing model works if you are aiming to launch an app that will reach a huge customer base. On the other hand, if the app connects to a niche audience and solves a problem, paid or subscription model will increase the likelihood of adoption.

#4.Test Your Apps Before Publishing

Choose a holistic testing procedure before publishing your app to ensure that it meets basic quality requirements listed on chosen platforms and targeted devices. Beta testing is one such method which helps publishers decide whether their app is ready for publishing. If not, it helps them improve the app before it hits the stores.

#5.Don’t Forget to Optimize Your App

App optimization plays a key role in ensuring that your application ranks higher with excellent visibility among the thousands of apps in the market. Before publishing, your app can gain traction by:

  • Using the right keywords in the app title and description
  • Getting early testimonials to build trust
  • Developing powerful branding visuals

#6.Choosing the Location for App Distribution

App distribution i.e which are the  countries and regions where your app will be made available mainly depends on factors like

  • Business needs
  • App requirements
  • Launch dependencies 
  • Target audience 

Follow these simple tips to successfully publish your apps. 

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