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Gosite Builder is a business venture that helps its customers by easing their hardships when running an online business. Various online business tools were integrated onto a single platform, making it a one stop solution. These business tools included user-friendly website creator, review management tool, customer contact organizer, email marketing system, analytics and critical data web-sync technology.


One of the major challenges of the website builder was the reusability of themes and widgets based on the domain, as each customer would have a different requirement. They also had two different types of customers: technically advanced customers and non-technical customers. The challenge that rose was as to how to cater to the needs of these two different customers.The tools they used had to be integrated seamlessly without any hitches.

Creating and integrating each different business tools onto one platform raised many issues, a few of which proved to be quite a challenge. Gosite was expected to perform not only as a single product but it should also be able to be showcased each tool as a separate entity also.

Gosite also wanted to introduce the white labelling product or service where other service providers could offer Gosite businesses/services as their own. The challenge rose, for example,  when a customer wanted to customize the presentation layers in the product as their own. Also the implementation of TLS/SSL security certificate for each custom domain also proved to be a big hurdle.


The reusability of themes and widgets for domains was solved when a framework was created to reuse common components which resulted in developing the themes very quickly. Toobler was also able to find a solution to accommodate the two different class of customers by organizing the required tools used by them for building sites. The user experience and other functionalities were improved upon especially by collecting feedback  from customers and users.

The difficulties in clubbing together various business tools onto a single platform was also solved by designing a workflow and architecture that would allow the customer to use either one of  the business tools in Gosite or to use Gosite as a single entity. To overcome the hurdle of white labelling different Gosite products by the clients, a custom architecture for the presentation layer was built that would implement the required brand identity into them at one go. Toobler also developed a process by which a customer could generate and renew a TLS/SSL security certificate dynamically, thus ensuring the domain secure.


The end-result was a fantastic single platform for web-based tools that helped businesses to stay ahead of competition online by creating websites, engaging customers through reviews and social media and also by keeping track of customer behaviour through analytics. Gosite was also awarded the 16th place out of 100 fastest growing companies in  San Diego.

Key Features

  • QR Code

    It is now as simple as reading the QR Code using a smartphone, getting directed to a particular business, or event’s page, and giving feedback. QR Code is generated from and is placed in hotels, restaurants, places etc. to give quick feedbacks.

  • Login with Social Media

    Login using social networking websites is nothing new today. It saves time skipping the usual time killing procedures. In addition to Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, features FourSquare to login.

  • Languages

    As of now, is bilingual. Users can in two languages – English and German, and this facility automatedly works detecting the browser’s default language.

  • Analytics

    Helping entreprenuers to analyze the activites based on the feedbacks from both registered and unregistered users. Meanwhile, users have a special UI to choose the best deals.

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