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Project Summary

Hapzis is a social engaging platform where people can post, share and see events. An ideal piece, of course, and that's what you would feel like once you're on it. Never miss any event, now onwards. Start inviting and start joining

The Concept

To make an ultimate social platform to easily create and share events so that no event misses out to reach targeted people. It has to be built in a very simple platform. So, one could use it without others' assistance.

Stephane Deuvaert

A San Dieago based software engineer, Stephane Deuvaert, is the key icon behind the birth of Hapzis. His thoughts are simple and generous, looking forward for the boost-up in men’s productivity at the ease by implementing creative ideas that are absolutely transformative.

Project Creation


    Analyzed what exactly the client wants to get implemented and did a thorough market research on the same.


    The biggest call of a developer is to decide the technologies that can bring ideas into life.

    After hearing the idea and accounting suggestions from the client, the technical team behind the development thought of executing the technologies – Backbone.js, Node.js, MongoDB, and Apache Solr.


    Handing over a clear picture about the project, the designing team produced initial sketches, which were really dynamic.


    We created a basic prototype in the first sprint. Further modules were added to the development chain in the next sprints through the continuous communications we had with the client.


    The current version of Hapzis builds a network with user, events and friends. The coming updates will feature a chat window and a more user-friendly UX to share and communicate. As it will fledge to the core to be a social platform of events in the future, it’ll let you go synced with leading social media platforms – Facebook and Twitter.

Challenge and Solutions

  • Challenge 1

    To organize multi-day events in particular order

  • Solution

    Sorting the events according to specific orders was a real challenging task we faced while the development stage. Since Hapzis is coded to store events in a non-relational database, the system is in such a way that it does not incorporate the table or key model that relational database management systems (RDBMS) have. In order to solve the issue, we wrote internal sort order for every event created in a single field. Thus one could sort events at the ease without any error.

  • Challenge 2

    Incorporating all essentials to responsive mobile screen

  • Solution

    Today, majority of internet surfers are from smartphones. And it’s really hard to list a new mobile app in the hit chart. In such a case, what can be done is create a responsive web version which works just like a mobile app in smartphone browsers. It was a hard try! So we thought of developing a complete new design for mobile, tab versions. But, the screen size are lesser comparatively to the desktop version. That’s the one hell of another obstacle. We put in simpler icons rather than menu buttons with titles, so that users can easily understand and explore. We made header and footer sticky as well.

  • Challenge 3

    To display the most accurate result while searching

  • Solution

    A website coming up with an auto-suggest feature is not a big deal. But, providing the exact result while searching; filtering the location and nature of users is quite challenging. Here, we implemented machine learning and studied the users time to time. And using the search platform Apache Solr, we could develop a search box which works just like a recommendation engine.


These are the technologies we used to develop Hapzis


Being a milestone in sharing the events or activities online, Hapzis has some space left for the future. And the developers wanted to write codes in such a way, so that the architecture won’t get broken easily even in huge traffic in the coming days. Have a look at the same.

Developer’s Comments

“Really proud and happy to lead the development side in bringing such a wonderful idea to life. Hapzis is certainly one hell of an event planner with a lot of features incorporated. Although, we had to passover certain challenges throughout the project, me and my team are overwhelmingly thrilled meeting the expectation of our client.”

AJITH A. R, Software Engineer

“We hope Hapzis would be a wonderful online platform for sharing and displaying events with the least effort. Hapzis will really have a good hand in changing the marketing strategies of event promotions soon.”

Divek, Front-end Developer

Even though I create projects for other clients, I could not have completed this project without Toobler. They work autonomously, they have many teams to complete any project (machine learning, phonegap, native ios, php, backbone, etc) and they are tireless in their commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

Stephane Deuvaert
Founder & CEO, Hapzis

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