Temporary parking permits within minutes

Project Summary

Permit Puller's movingpermits.com service offers temporary parking permits for movers in all major US cities. Users can request a permit in less than a minute through their simple web based application. Since 2004,it has assisted thousands of professional movers and self movers by helping reserve job site parking with temporary moving permits.

In order to streamline their service process online, moving permits approached Toobler for developing their heroku app.

The Target

To build a heroku app to revamp their online process to deliver temporary moving permits on demand.

Challenge and Solutions

  • Challenge 1

    Technology consulting to manage and scale the application.

  • Solution

    Recommended heroku for the easy management of the application and Dynos are added to provide scalability and to increase the HTTP performance. Workers are added to speed up the background process.

  • Challenge 2

    Allow admin to create permit request for new/existing users in simple steps.

  • Solution

    Integrated new module so that admin can create permit request for users. We added an Auto complete in the field to make the process more easier and also generated an email id from fax number for users who has no mail id. The Login details are then mailed/faxed to new users along with the permit details.

  • Challenge 3

    Direct the permit file upload from scanner(HP 4345) to a FTP location and update the web application with the details.

  • Solution

    We built a server to watch the FTP location and we sent the permit files to a secure location in S3 and thereby updated the web application with the details.

  • Challenge 4

    Ensure the permit file uploaded to the FTP server are quickly available to the users and also ensure new and existing customers can create permit in less than 60 seconds.

  • Solution

    The one area we observed a lag was users who used low latency, high bandwidth connections and here we recommended to install Unicorn to serve fast clients to take the advantage of features in Unix/Unixlike kernels.


Moving permits wanted a revamp on their codebase to improvise user experience booking permits.

  • Ruby on Rails ( RoR )

    RoR make it more affordable to create and maintain your site, while simultaneously offering improved performance and faster development times.


My experiences with the Toobler folks has been stellar. Their programming has been solid and their designs have been exceptional – a rare commodity in the outsourcing world. Without any hesitation – I will continue to use Toobler on all my projects.

Dave Backman
Founder of movingpermits

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