Online e-commerce shop just for shoes

Project Summary

The Shoepermarket is a totally dedicated e-commerce platform for shoe freaks, where people can sell and buy shoes exclusively enjoying the ease of online shopping.

The Concept

To create an exclusive e-commerce portal for footwear punks where sellers can list their products and buyers can bid from thousands of collections.

Jesus Estrella

Jesus Estrella is an all-round web developer who has good number of expertises in his library. Jesus has been in the industry since he became a part of the United States Air Force as a Communication Computer Systems Operator. But, his life’s turning point was leaving the Air Force and joining a private firm as a Front-end Web Developer. He still loves to be a student learning new-new technologies.

Project Creation


    A detailed check up on the clients requirements

  • Deciding Technical Stack

    Finalized the technologies to write codes after the team formation


    Wireframes by UX/UI engineers based on the concept

  • Prototyping & Development

    Stepped forward to the development phase along with the design

  • Quality Assurance

    Handed over to the QA team, who never compromise anything, that ended up with a perfect final product for the client

  • Future Concept

    The market is huge and vast. And the developers are still working on it to make online shopping easier than ever

Challenge and Solutions

  • To create an exclusive e-commerce portal for footwear punks where sellers can list their products and buyers can bid from thousands of collections.

    It’s only a usual happening in e-commerce websites that the hot selling products get out of stock within seconds or minutes. In such conditions users can request to get email notification once the product is arrived, and can also add products to the Hunt List, which are not listed on the website. But, the users may not input the correct keyword while updating the product Hunt List.

    We thought of learning the system so that the system could understand what users input and to make miscellaneous data more accurate into a valid format via offline process. Using this we can read the most appropriate word what a user has entered in the Hunt List. So when a buyer updates his/her Hunt List, the system goes for an auto-check and send email notification when a product comes in for sale.


These are the technologies we used to develop Shoepermarket



A great piece of e-commerce portal exclusively built for sneaker lovers. Hunt, buy, and sell. All in one place.

Key Features

  • Only Shoes

    The is an exclusive place where people can buy and sell only shoes and shoes. stock product if he/she needs to purchase it.

  • Huntlist

    It works just like the wish list in many online shopping websites. Hunt List allows a buyer to ask sellers for an out of stock product if he/she needs to purchase it.

Developer’s Comments

” Happy to be a part of Shoepermarket. This is great place for shoe buyers where they can find shoes at best market prices.”

Niyas Khan, UX/UI designer

” The Shoepermarket is a supercool online store sneaker lovers. Although the portal is in the baby stage, many are the incredible updates yet to be implemented to make it more awesome.”

Dona Feble, Quality Analyst

” Challenges we had to face were minimal as all we had to set up was a basic picture of the portal in the first phase. We’re hopefully looking towards the next phases to make it an ultimate shoe market.”

Anoop Ambujan, Software Engineer

” An exclusive online store for canvas freaks to buy and sell of shoes. We’re still on it developing, which will display new exciting unique features in the coming days.”

Ajith A. R, Project Lead

“After trying unsuccessfully with other developers I finally turned to the team at Toobler and they took my idea and brought it to life. Immediately Toobler saw my vision collaborated with me to fine tune it and most importantly get it done. The communication and client care is truly second to none, they treated and continue to treat me with professionalism as a team member on the project and not just a customer.”


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