Different sources. Many images. One account for all!

Plicks helps you to create one unrivalled gallery to store all your photos clubbing from different sources. All that you need to do is just collect images from your social media accounts and local storages, create a gallery, and publish. Then easily share the gallery in the blogs, websites, apps, and much more.

The Client

Hassan Bawab is a trend setter in Digital Marketing, who was born in Lebanon, and later migrated to the United States. He is also a visionary entrepreneur, keynote speaker and Author. He is currently the founder and CEO of Magic Logix, a global digital marketing company.

Hassan Bawab

The Concept

To build a website where one could easily store images from multiple social media sources and local storages as a gallery or album, which can be accessed from anywhere and can be shared simply via blogs, websites and apps.


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The Creation


Requirement analysis

It's the cunning aspect of a project that makes everything outright for the same. Requirement analysis is one such important aspect of project management. It requires a lot of skill and experience to understand what the client exactly needs hearing him/her. Documenting, validating, and analyzing all the relevant requirements, we jumped to the next level to alter an all new web app, Plicks.


Deciding technical stack

Why should we care to give the best of us while we build something's foundation? Same is the story in providing a software solution comprised of all essential layers of components since Technology stack is the key foundation of every software product. Once the requirement engineering was done, we progressed to the next step to finalize the technologies to be used to create Plicks. Backbone.js, Node.js, and MongoDB were they.



Well-dressed products are certainly paid more attention than the ordinary ones. Being odd or unique in all aspects is what the key element to the success. Uniqueness has to commence from the design part itself. Realizing all corners of the market and the mindset of the internet savvies, our designers have evidently created Plicks as it really impresses anyone with the UX/UI it offers.


Prototyping & Development

Along with the design development, we pulled ourselves off to work on the prototype as it means a lot. Once the final cut of the prototype released successfully, we further led the project to the next sprints and finally as it is now.



Plicks is still in its baby stage. A lot features have to be branched in future and the developers are on it. Features that will see on Plicks haven't been officially disclosed now. But, things to make user interactions more comfortable such as commenting, and sharing will certainly be in the list.


These are the technologies we used to develop Plicks



A web app to club all your images from different sources under one account with the provision to access from anywhere.


"A wonderful platform to stock images. Easiness in the usage to club and create albums is the prime attraction of Plicks. Loved working on it."

Project Lead

" Something making strategies easier and more comfortable for the digital generation. Of course, a lot of future is left with it.This is simply impressive!"

Muhammad Siyad
UX/UI Engineer


"It's been over a couple of years we have been working with Toobler and we really feel like one team though we are from different continents. Adapting flexibility to our needs is just fantastic and exceptional about Toobler. We'll be extending our relationship with the company."


Founder & CEO, Plicks

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