Offshore Development

4 Ways To Reduce your App Development Costs by 50%

Being multi-channel has become synonyms with the modern digital environment.Brand presence in these channels is critical to reach potential customers making it a vital business challenge of  the digital era.  Mobile apps have become an integral part of modern business. They are an extension of your brand. Considered as the most powerful business tool, apps […]

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Freelance Developer or Offshore Dev Agency – Who to Trust with Your Product Idea?

When it comes to Product Development, hiring services from a freelance developer or an offshore development agency gives the choice of having specialized skill sets. According to the Future Workforce Report 2018 , 88% of companies have made progress in adopting a flexible talent strategy. However, the choice between a freelance developer and an offshore […]

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How to Apply DevOps to Offshore Teams

According to Accelerance, the global outsourcing market was worth close to US$90 billion in 2015. Many off-shore teams have enormous expertise and technical prowess. It is only a question of injecting the DevOps culture and philosophy into their systems. Offshore teams pluralize to different needs, cultures, and deadlines. A model of continuous delivery, if part […]

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