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Custom Web Application Development
Our Custom Web Application Development Services

Backed by a multifaceted team of engineers,full-stack web developers, UX/UI designers and testers,we facilitate end-to-end custom web development services for clients across the globe

Using DevOps and agile approach for custom software development ensures rapid releases, better scalability, faster app development, improved app performance,collaboration and security. Breaking down silos, continuous deployment and integration enables us to better serve our clients.

Key Technologies and Frameworks for Custom Web Application Development

The choice of technologies and frameworks are important considerations when it comes to custom web application development.  They can significantly impact the app’s usability, user adoption and performance. It is, therefore, essential for businesses to choose the right framework and technology stack for their custom web development services.

Client & Server Side Scripting / Coding :

HTML5A markup language used to structure and present content on the web.

CSS3The language is used to style and format structured content and comes with features like advanced animations, multiple backgrounds, multiple column layouts, etc.

JavaScriptA text-based programming language used to make web pages dynamic and interactive.

TypeScriptA superset of the JavaScript language.It is designed to make JavaScript development more efficient.

BootstrapA popular CSS Framework, Bootstrap is used to build, design and customize responsive mobile-first websites.

ANTDIt is a React UI framework used for building rich, interactive user interfaces.

PHPIt is a server side scripting language used to manage dynamic content, databases, session tracking, etc.

Node.jsA back-end JavaScript runtime environment, Node.js runs on the V8 engine.

React.jsIt is a front-end open-sourceJavaScript library. It enables users to build user interfaces and reusable UI components.

AngularAngular is a TypeScript-based web application framework. The open-source framework is used for building single-page client applications.

Express.jsIt is a back end web application framework that provides a wide spectrum of features for web and mobile applications.

Web Application Frameworks :
Relational & Non Relational Database:

PostgreSQLPostgreSQL is a free and open-source relational database management system focussing on extensibility and SQL compliance.

MySQLIt is an open-source relational database management system.

Amazon RDSA distributed relational database service by Amazon Web Services.

MongoDBBased on the NoSQL document store model, it is an object-oriented, simple, dynamic, and scalable database.

RedisIt is an in-memory data structure store that is used as a database cache.

InfluxDBAn open-source time series database developed by InfluxData.

Apache druidIt is an open-source, distributed data store written in Java.

Neo4jHighly scalable and schema free (NoSQL), Neo4j is a graph database management system.

Google BigQueryBigQuery is a fully-managed, serverless data warehouse that enables scalable analysis.

Amazon RedshiftIt is a fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service in the cloud.

Time Series, Graphical Database & Data Warehouse:

gRPCgRPC is a modern, open source remote procedure call (RPC). It enables transparent client and server application communication.

HTTPThe foundation of any data exchange on the Web, HTTP is the most used transport protocol for web services.

RESTIt is a software architectural style created to guide the design and development of the architecture for the World Wide Web.

TCPA communications standard, TCP that enables application programs and computing devices to exchange messages across a network.

MQTTIt is a lightweight protocol that transports messages between devices.

AMQTAn open standard application layer protocol used for passing business messages between applications or organizations.

RTMPIt is a TCP-based protocol that enables low-latency communication and maintains persistent connection.

WebRTCAn open source project that enables peer-to-peer communication in web browsers and mobile apps.

ModbusIt is a data communications protocol ideal for wireless communication in RTU applications.

OPC-UAIt is a scalable and flexible mechanism to establish secure connections between client and servers.

CI/CDJenkins: A free and open source automation server.It helps different phases of software development like building, testing, and deploying.

Gitlab CI: It is a tool built into GitLab for software development through CI/CD.

Source code Management toolsGitlab: A web-based DevOps lifecycle tool.

Bitbucket: Designed for professional teams, Bitbucket is a Git repository management solution Code Quality.

Code QualityCode climate: It provides an open and extensible platform for ensuring code health and enables organizations to take charge of their code quality.

Security ToolsSonarqube: Developed by SonarSource, the tool is used for continuous inspection of code quality. It performs automatic reviews.

ZAproxy: It is an open-source web application security scanner.

Incident Tracking and ManagementTeamwork:


Gitlab: A web-based DevOps lifecycle tool.

Mantis: An open source bug tracking software.

Code buildNP: It is the package manager for the Node JavaScript platform.

Yarn: A package manager for your code, it enables users to use and share code with other developers across the globe.

Kaniko: The tool is used to build container images from a Dockerfile inside a container or Kubernetes cluster.

Configuration toolsTerraform: An open-source infrastructure as code software tool used for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure.

Ansible: An open source software provisioning, configuration management, and application-deployment tool.

Containerisation and OrchestrationDocker Written in Go, Docker makes it easier to create, deploy, and run applications using containers.

Kubernetes It is an open-source container orchestration platform.

MicroserviceApache Kafka: One of the most popular tools for microservices, it solves numerous problems associated with microservices orchestration.

Nats Streaming Controller: It is an open source messaging system used for IoT messaging, cloud native applications and microservices architecture.

Kong Ingress: It uses Kong API Gateway to manage external access to HTTP services in a Kubernetes cluster.

Envoy: A high-performance proxy developed in C++ for all services in the service mesh.

Istio: A service mesh used for managing the different microservices in a cloud-native application.

DevOps & Microservices Architecture.:
Test Automation Tools

JESTA JavaScript testing framework, Jest can be installed in any JavaScript project to ensure correctness of JavaScript codebase.

MOCHAIt is a feature-rich JavaScript test framework. Running on Node.js, the tool offers features like browser support, asynchronous testing, etc.

SELENIUMA portable framework used for testing web applications.

Nightwatch.jsAn automated end-to-end testing framework for web applications and websites written in Node. js.

Cucumber.jsA powerful testing framework used for unit, integration or end-to-end tests.

Top things to consider while shortlisting a custom web application development company

Make the best of your business applications with  a diligent technology partner. But, finding the right Custom Web Application Development Company can  be a daunting task. How do you even begin?

To make it easier, we have listed the right questions to help you identify a suitable development partner.
  • How long has the agency been in business? Has the firm worked on similar projects before ? 
  • How many applications have the agency worked on? What technology stack do they use? 
  • Where is the team located? Does the team use popular programming languages and frameworks? 
  • How does the agency bill? Is it a time and material contract or a fixed price model? What are their minimum budget requirements? 
  • Does your potential partner provide support outside of the app? (e.g.: Servers, Website Design, Marketing, Branding) 
  • Do they provide assistance in launching the app? What is their client retention rate ? 
  • What happens if there are bugs after the app is launched? Will the agency fix it? Will there be any extra costs?
Looking for proactive custom web development services?

Ask the right questions and find a reliable technology partner. At Toobler, we build bespoke software solutions for small, medium and large enterprises.

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Benefits of Hiring a custom web development company
How can a custom web application development company drive digital transformation?

Custom web development services offer significant benefits to organizations when it comes to business process management and digital transformation. The apps cater to all major objectives of digital transformation i.e.

custom web application development company
  • Streamline business processes: Streamlining business processes is an integral key to achieving business success. It not only saves big on cost and time but increases productivity while improving transparency and data security
  • Improve overall efficiency: With repetitive tasks automated, your team can focus on your core business functions as redundant or inefficient tasks are eliminated.  A streamlined workflow enables you to easily identify teams and processes that hamper overall productivity. 
  • Promote team collaboration: Streamlined management systems and automated workflows improve communication and collaboration between departments. The interconnected systems enable better tracking of processes. 
  • Enhance customer experience: With a customer-centric business approach and continuous improvement in place, your organization is bound to deliver products/solutions that delight your end-users.
What makes Toobler the best Custom Web Application Development Company?

We can help you overcome Custom Web Application Development challenges. Hire our certified and experienced developers to convert your complex business challenges into profitable app solutions. Our team understands that there’s no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to Custom Web Application Development. Scalable, robust and secure, we build web applications customized to meet your complex business needs.

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  • Years of domain expertise running Cross-functional teams    

  • Custom user experience via Experienced and flexible teams along with fast project turnaround

  • Agile development approach & AI//ML/ IoT/Big Data powered solutions

  • Automated deployment & integration via State-of-the-art technology infrastructure  

  • Global market comprehension via Competitive and flexible pricing models

Custom web applications developed by Toobler span Multiple Industry Domains

Years of design and development expertise is combined with proven business acumen to turn your business ideas into success.Years of design and development expertise is combined with proven business acumen to turn your business ideas into success.

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