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  • Things to know- Building Efficient Educational Mobile Apps

    Education is now not limited to classrooms. Smartphones have almost taken over this industry. There is no limit to what Smartphones today are capable of doing. There is a mobile app for almost everything we do in life – shopping, booking tickets, counting calories and the list goes on. Recent statistics reveal that the mobile […]

  • Developing Mobile Applications for the Automotive Industry

    The automotive industry is going to be fuelled by mobile applications and IOT (Internet of Things). Consider this – a new market research report pegs the automotive IoT market at $82.79 billion by 2022. Apart from automated safety, features like assisted driving, in-vehicle network, connected cars, syncing driving data with your smartphone, and cloud-based services […]

  • Things to Consider while Developing Healthcare Applications

    When it comes to developing healthcare applications, you are looking at the right market. The healthcare industry is expected to increase in market size to $102.43 billion by 2022, according to Zion Market Research, and the prediction is that around 70% of all major healthcare companies will invest in mobile healthcare apps. In fact, according […]