Redefining Digital Concierge – Hospitality App

Project Overview

The interactive survey management app provides hotels with the opportunity to gauge the emotions or sentiments of its guest and their experience and thereby offer better services and rewards. It is an automated and easy survey solution which facilitates to increase the customer satisfaction in the hospitality sector. The survey is sent to the mobile devices and receives the response back to the app.

Why Customer Feedback is important in Hotel Industry?

A disgruntled guest is bad for business.  Guest feedback helps improve the hotel’s staff behavior, ambience and other facilities, hospitality & customer satisfaction and ultimately revenue. Hotels lacked an efficient way to track or receive feedback from unhappy guests other than the normal mode of communication: support phone lines, email, front desk or physical feedback forms. Guests weren’t able to disclose unpleasant experiences in real-time to the hotel staff and the management remains oblivious even after their checkout.

How to gather Guest Feedback using online survey app?

Keeping in mind the client’s request, we built an  online hospitality survey app for hotel chains with integration to the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS). The mobile app for the survey comes with an analytical dashboard to help the hotel staff identify unhappy customers during their sojourn. The app also has a ticket management tracker, SMS and Comment notifications, 10-point rating scale, Dynamic landing pages.

What approach we took to build this Hotel Survey App?

The proposed solution is based on the build-measure-learn feedback loop or ‘The Lean Startup Methodology’. Within a few weeks of the client request for a simple online survey, we had assimilated the requirement and developed a minimum viable product (MVP).

How does the Survey System work?

The cloud-based survey management system operable from any device. It captures the sentiments of the guests and helps them solve real-time problems. All the features of the application are automated to help the hotel personnel to stay alert for any unpleasant experiences during the guests’ sojourn.

How did the app perform in real world?
  • Achieved survey open rate of 49%

  • A response rate of 24%Hotels accomplished booking increase of 14.2%

  • And a daily rate rise of 11.2%

Features & Functionality

Hotel RestaurantsThis feature allows hotels to promote their in-house restaurants with alluring dining options with easy-to-revise menus. Seasonal menus or menus with limited offers can be highlighted. Call-to-actions engage the guests to a simple booking process.

Guest MessagingGuest messaging enables direct interaction by sending personalized messages, special offers and promotions to individuals, certain rooms or the whole hotel. Push notifications can be scheduled as per requirement.

Online Gift ShopGuests can browse and purchase through the online gift shop. Hotels can display articles from both in-house gift shop or third-party retailers.

WeatherWeather aides the guests by providing information about the local weather and can plan their tour activities and sightseeing accordingly.

Other HotelsGuests can use the app to book room reservations in other hotels.

Room Service and Check OutGuests can order room service with dynamic menus that have enticing pictures. Menus have pairing suggestions that help  in upselling dishes and beverages. Hide dishes that are out of stock, pre-ordering options, and displaying menus when needed are some of the other features.

Guest ServiceAnother important part of the hotel service is the guest service. The app allows guests to order housekeeping items, refills of the mini bar, etc. Valet parking and retrieval, taxi and airport bookings can be done in advance, with the guest receiving a confirmation once completed.

Hotel InformationThis feature is digital directory that allows guests to learn about the hotel and the facilities it provides. It also has digital manuals for the in-room appliances like the coffee maker, TV, etc.

Hotel SpaThe hotel spa features an easy booking process along with attractive pictures, pricing and offers. A call-to-action allows the spa staff to make a booking for interested guests or the app can be integrated to automate the process.

NewsThe News provides whitelisted online news services for simple reading. Premium news service subscriptions, like PressReader, are available.

Tour GuidesThe app features tour guides that informs guests about local attractions and events. Content created or collected from third parties can be aggregated into a centralized content management system. Sponsored advertising in collaboration with local businesses is also possible.

What client loved

We have several projects running with Toobler and they have been great to work with. We will be continuing development with them.

Mark Ilott, Humming Blue