Setting up the World’s Easiest Survey App

The interactive survey management app provides hotels with the opportunity to gauge the emotions or sentiments of its guest and their experience and thereby offer better services and rewards. It is an automated and easy survey solution which facilitates to increase the customer satisfaction in the hospitality sector. The survey is sent to the mobile devices and receives the response back to the app.

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Application to Detect Counterfeit Bills

The project is a responsive finance web application with content management system (CMS) to help corporates, numismatists, foreign exchange centers to identify the currency notes in circulation. A digital currency guide that provides real-time and validated information to identify counterfeit money and also a platform for coin collectors to connect.

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The all-in-one platform to empower online presence

Whether you have just started or are a well-established brand, the powerful software suite will help you stand out in the online space with a stunning website. The all-in-one platform enables organizations to present their ideas online in the most beautiful way. The cloud-based web application has seven products that assist in building a killer brand online. Customers building websites are automatically placed across the web and are listed in Google My Business.

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Redefining Digital Concierge – Hospitality App

‘The Hotel’ is Toobler’s classic study/example of an ideation to market success. The hospitality management application enables the hotels to serve their customers with premium luxury and on-demand services.It reduced costs and increased revenue by doing away with ancillary services and printing costs. Customers can order room service, avail guest services,and much more with the app.It ensures that the guests have the ultimate experience, guaranteeing increased revenue and hotel profitability

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Eliminate Moving Permit Hassles with a Web App

Permit Puller wished to further develop Moving Permits, their existing heroku app. The application assisted clients with city-issued temporary moving permits by streamlining the moving process and reducing hassles for the customers. Moving permits does all the laborious and exhausting paperwork for the permit and also ensures that the temporary ‘No Parking’ signs go up as per the requirement.

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Online Shopping that’s Just for Shoes

Shoepermarket is a fully responsive online ecommerce website just for shoes. The online shopping application displays shoes, both new and used, for all brands. Customers can add in a brand they wish for, and they are notified as it appears on the website. Jesus Estrella, owner of Shoepermarket, loved shoes and conceived this idea as he realized that there wasn’t an online web application that caters exclusively to shoes, with all possible brands available.

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Mobile App for Regatta Management

The regatta management app supports coaches and clubs by providing more time to manage teams for boat race events by reducing their paperwork. The sports app is designed to help with the seating arrangement and the weight distribution and balance of a team in a boat. Even though the mobile app was developed for both iOS and Android, it can be used in tablets too.

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A Web App for Smooth Parcel Service

GSE, one of the largest package delivery services in U.S., has a strong network for delivery services offline/on the ground. But in this age of digital transformation, a lack of online presence means ‘certain death’ for sure! They wanted to rectify this with a web application that parcel or package delivery processes smooth and easy.

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IOT Based Inventory Management App

Smart Bin, an IoT based automated solution that facilitates inventory management for high – tech manufacturing facilities using gateways and multiple IoT Devices. Using this solution the stock levels of a two bin kanban system is monitored and when the stock levels are reduced or depleted, a signal is sent to the cloud and the orders are automatically generated. System sends a notification to the warehouse operator who then ships the parts/stocks.

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Reduce Downtime with Predictive Maintenance

Companies incur huge losses when the different types of machinery they use fail without warning, causing downtime and time-consuming maintenance. Our client wanted us to build a predictive maintenance system that will prevent malfunctioning machines and improve the overall efficiency.

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Building World’s Versatile IOT Tracker

To build a IoT based tracking app that could connect people to their valuable assets in a whole new way. Tracking device is powered by “Tile” world’s smallest bluetooth based tracking device. One could track almost anything and can also navigate to the assets within the application.

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Financial Data Management Web App

Advisorfi is a financial data management web application platform that provides insights into all the financial data of a business. It helps the accounting consultants in assisting their clients to establish streamlined business decisions with real-time access to accounting reports and collaborative dashboards.The online financial dashboard connects with other business to gather insights and measure the health of your businesses in real-time.

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