Building World’s Versatile IOT Tracker

Project Overview

To build a IoT based tracking app that could connect people to their valuable assets in a whole new way. Tracking device is powered by “Tile” world’s smallest bluetooth based tracking device. One could track almost anything and can also navigate to the assets within the application.

What challenge did the app solve?

How to build a Robust Mobile application that could track almost any assets with minimum configuration.

How did the proposed app track assets?

An IoT based mobile application that could track the assets attached to the tiles and provide a real time access to the asset’s position with the help of a map.

What approach was adopted to build the IoT based app?

We adopted the agile methodology utilising the ThingSpine platform, customising the platform to interact with Mobile application and tracking hardware.

How did the IoT based app track and manage assets?

A native mobile application for IOS and Android devices that could track and manage almost any assets regardless of the size and shape. The application can also provide a real time navigation system with which a user could find out lost assets. The lost assets can be easily identified with the help of map view and navigation assistance.

What business benefits did the app provide?

  • Robust application that could track any number of assets.

  • Simple user interface which aided quick user adoption.

  • Zero maintenance cost

Features & Functionality

Track assets from anywhereEasily track the location of your assets on-the-go within the mobile application.

Recover Lost AssetsOne could easily find out the his assets that is connected to the application.

Navigate to the AssetsApplication provide options with which user can get navigation assist to find out his lost assets.