Application to Detect Counterfeit Bills

Project Overview

The project is a responsive finance web application with content management system (CMS) to help corporates, numismatists, foreign exchange centers to identify the currency notes in circulation. A digital currency guide that provides real-time and validated information to identify counterfeit money and also a platform for coin collectors to connect.

What real-life challenges did the app address?

Our client realized that even though there are many apps to detect fake currencies, there isn’t a single solution that offered the different facets of the foreign exchange markets. He wanted to achieve this one-stop solution by building a responsive web application.

How did the app provide more info about currencies?

Our team built a web application with Content Management System where subscribers could view and learn more about currencies. The app came with a host of features that would list various countries, their currencies, foreign exchange players, economic calendar etc. When the currency details are updated to the app database, subscribers are notified through email notifications.

What was the approach taken to build the currency detector app?

The team structured the web application with clean designs and easy to use interface. Our experience in Node.js ensured an affordable and quick implementation of the application.

How does the app work?

The solution is a custom web application with integrated CMS and a real-time currency dashboard that helps their clients to stay up-to-date on the latest monetary developments across the world. The real-time currency images with security features helps in identifying counterfeit and fake notes instantly.

How did the app perform in real world?
  • Fastest customer acquisition – gained 200+ customers initially.

  • Quick turnaround time from ideation to product.

  • Access to 197+ countries, their currencies and foreign exchange regulations.

Features & Functionality

Real-time Currency DashboardThe real-time currency dashboard displays a country’s notes and coins in circulation. It has a mouse-over magnifying glass for detailed inspection and the particulars of a country, including their foreign exchange or currency regulations, are also indexed.

Economic CalendarAn economic calendar, used by traders, tracks the  occurrence of market-moving events.

Security Features of the CurrenciesThe security features of the currencies are a great resource in the project as all the information are gathered into one place. It makes it easier to gather information than having to visit every country’s foreign exchange database.

Countries and their Central BanksThis feature lists the various countries and their Central banks from around the world. A click on the link takes you directly to its official website.

Major Players in Foreign ExchangeThe major players in the International Foreign Exchange are cataloged with the essential details.

News & UpdatesThe news and updates feature offers the latest developments in the monetary system worldover instantly.