Setting up the World’s Easiest Survey App

Project Overview

The interactive survey management app provides hotels with the opportunity to gauge the emotions or sentiments of its guest and their experience and thereby offer better services and rewards. It is an automated and easy survey solution which facilitates to increase the customer satisfaction in the hospitality sector. The survey is sent to the mobile devices and receives the response back to the app.

What challenge did the app solve?

A disgruntled guest is bad for business. Guest feedback helps improve the hotel’s staff behavior, ambience and other facilities, hospitality & customer satisfaction and ultimately revenue. Hotels lacked an efficient way to track or receive feedback from unhappy guests other than the normal mode of available communications. 

How did the online survey app gather Feedback?

We built an online hospitality survey app for hotel chains with integration to the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS). The mobile app for the survey comes with an analytical dashboard to help the hotel staff identify unhappy customers during their sojourn. The app also has a ticket management tracker, SMS and Comment notifications, 10-point rating scale and more.

What approach you took to build this Hotel Survey App?

The proposed solution is based on the build-measure-learn feedback loop or ‘The Lean Startup Methodology’. Within a few weeks of the client request for a simple online survey, we had assimilated the requirement and developed a minimum viable product (MVP).

How does the Survey System work?

The solution is a cloud-based survey management system operable from any device. It captured the sentiments of the guests and helped solve real-time problems. All the features of the application are automated to help the hotel personnel to stay alert for any unpleasant experiences during the guests’ sojourn.

How did the app perform in real world?
  • Achieved survey open rate of 49%
  • A response rate of 24%Hotels accomplished booking increase of 14.2%
  • And a daily rate rise of 11.2%
Features & Functionality

Analytics DashboardThe Analytics dashboard captures the overall response rates and emotions of the guest. High priority ratings alert the staff to take proactive steps to improve the guest experience. The metrics displays the guest details for further actions in the form of display cards and graphs.

Ticket Management SystemThe ticket management system tracks issues or problems, highlighted by guests, from beginning to end automatically. It displays detailed statistics making it easy to analyse the figures at a glance.

SMS NotificationsAll alerts are sent via SMS to hotel personnel 24/7 as part of the SMS notification service. It presents all the valuable information as an email alert but a condensed and easy format. An unlimited number of SMS can be send as alerts to the staff ensure that all are in the loop.

Comment NotificationsEvery respondent is shown a landing page based on their rating. It picks up the feedback given and is stored in the database. The system will automatically send notifications about the comments in real-time.

Dynamic Landing PagesBased on the rating, the guests are directed to the dynamic landing pages that offer messages, incentives promotions, timed incentives or guaranteed rewards.

10-Point Rating ScaleThe 10-Point rating scale helps the customer to score their experience with a single tap. The results are compared by the staff in the analytical dashboard.