IOT Based Inventory Management App

Project Overview

Smart Bin, an IoT based automated solution that facilitates inventory management for high – tech manufacturing facilities using gateways and multiple IoT Devices. Using this solution the stock levels of a two bin kanban system is monitored and when the stock levels are reduced or depleted, a signal is sent to the cloud and the orders are automatically generated. System sends a notification to the warehouse operator who then ships the parts/stocks.

What inventory management challenge did the app solve?

Inventory maintained in the client warehouse is stored in thousands of Bin’s and The traditional two-bin kanban system had to be manually checked for stock-outs and then replenished. This process was tedious and consumed an enormous amount of time and manpower.

How was the inventory management solution automated?

To build an IoT environment through which the stock levels in the Bins can be automatically monitored and replenished. The system should be scalable and able to handle a large number of Bins. The solution should also provide a real-time visibility into inventory levels that shall eliminate the need for counting trips, safety stock, and emergency restocking. The solution needs to ensure that every bin always has enough.

What approach was adopted to build the inventory management app?

We adopted the agile methodology utilising the ThingSpine platform, customising the platform to interact with Twin bins, ERP and suppliers.

How does the IoT based inventory management app work?

A Smart Bin that could monitor the stock level and hold the information of the materials stored. Lower section of the Bin is always maintained with stock. The moment the upper storage stock volume is reduced below a certain volume, purchase order is issued to the respective supplier. Each Bin holds a physical flag that will turn red once the PO is placed and will turn green after the stock is added.

What business benefits did the client achieve with app?
  • Material replenishment time reduced by 60%
  • Warehouse inventory management efficiency improved by 45%
  • Deployed in facilities of more than 9,000 square metres.
Features & Functionality

On demand stock ReplenishmentNew Purchase orders are placed automatically once the stock goes below a desired volume.

AlertsOn time  – Sms alert is triggered to the suppliers and warehouse manager once the Purchase order is placed. Delay Alerts: Sms Alert is triggered to the warehouse manager and supplier if the replenishment is delayed.

ReportsStock replenishment reports are generated on a daily/weekly/ monthly basis. Internal communications enabling reports via cellular networks.

WirelessSmart Bins are completely wireless with a longer service interval.