Mobile App for Regatta Management

Project Overview

The regatta management app supports coaches and clubs by providing more time to manage teams for boat race events by reducing their paperwork. The sports app is designed to help with the seating arrangement and the weight distribution and balance of a team in a boat. Even though the mobile app was developed for both iOS and Android, it can be used in tablets too.

What challenge did the app solve for coaches of boat racing?

Our client, a coach for Dragon boat races, found herself stuck in paperwork for hours. This began to affect her time required for training the teams. The realization that the clubs and coaches were losing valuable time doing paperwork led to the creation of Dragon King app.

How did the app help reduce paperwork?

The client asked for a regatta management app that facilitated better management of teams by creating team member profiles thereby reducing the paperwork to a great extent. Also, it helped  in balancing the team’s weight on the boat in real-time.

What approach was taken to build the regatta management app?

Our approach was to develop a solution based on the build-measure-learn feedback loop or ‘The Lean Startup Methodology’. Within a few weeks of the client request for a simple online survey, we had assimilated the requirement and developed a minimum viable product (MVP).

How did the app help build & manage teams for boat race?

We build an easy-to-use regatta mobile app. It was delivered as both iOS and Android app within two months from the time of request. The features helped coaches to build and supervise teams for the dragon boat race.

How well did the app perform?
  • Onboarded 50+ dragon boat clubs and races.
  • Helped over 100+ coaches to reduce 65% of their time.
Features & Functionality

Team configurationTeam configuration allows the coach to create teams by entering details such as the team name, coach name, gender type, race distance, age category and boat size into the app.

Build ProfilesThe dragon king app forms different types of profiles for various roles such as the club, coaches and team. The details of each member profile necessary for the team creation can be accessed anywhere, anytime at a click of a button.

Dragon Boat balance and weight distributionA coach is able to adjust the dragon boat weight distribution and balance to the required proportion by adjusting the position of the team on the boat with the drag and drop option.