Online Shopping that’s Just for Shoes

Project Overview

Shoepermarket is a fully responsive online ecommerce website just for shoes. The online shopping application displays shoes, both new and used, for all brands. Customers can add in a brand they wish for, and they are notified as it appears on the website. Jesus Estrella, owner of Shoepermarket, loved shoes and conceived this idea as he realized that there wasn’t an online web application that caters exclusively to shoes, with all possible brands available.

What challenge did the app address?

Americans love for shoes is a well-known fact. Jesus Estrella, one such American who loves his ‘kicks’ or sneakers, is an expert to whom people turned to for advice on sneakers. He wanted a platform that listed genuine and ‘rare’ sneakers for sale. The platform should be a place where like-minded people like him, could interact, sell and buy sneakers.

How did the web app help people interact, sell and buy shoes ?

The main requirement from Estrella was an easy ecommerce website that listed all the products in a simple format. Customers should be able to select, add and a product and buy it as they require. They should also be able to add wishlist requests for shoes not available in the website.

What approach led to the successful development of the app?

We created a solution that implemented the agile methodology. User-friendly and clean interfaces for the customers was one of the primary goals.

How does the online shopping website work?

Our solution was a feature-rich web application. Shoepermarket is a sophisticated and an auction-based online shopping website which allowed users to purchase and auction off their new or used products.

How did the app perform in real-world?
  • Custom design and unique layouts helped in attracting and retaining customers.

  • Optimised flexibility of functionality reduced visitor bounce rate.

  • 60% increase in Sales.

Features & Functionality

Configurable Product DealsA configurable product allows the shoppers to select options from drop-down lists.

Ecommerce AnalyticsThis feature authorize to analyze and purchase activity on the site. Product and transportation information, average order value, ecommerce conversion rate are some of the metrics available.

Manage Product CatalogueManage product catalogue is a feature that helps to organize, standardize and maintain product data in real-time 24/7.

Orders and ShippingOrders and shipping has features that allows to search and sort orders easily, manage order status, view shipping and billing address etc.

Product Reviews and RatingsThis feature helps to manage the different reviews and ratings for the products.

Payment OptionsDifferent payment options are available which can be activated or deactivated as per needs. Manage PayPal account settings and offline payment options are the other features made possible.

Hunt ListHunt list is a special feature or option for Shoepermarket that allows customers to add their needs to the wishlist.Once the requirements included in the wishlist become accessible, the customer will be notified about their product availability.

What client loved

After trying unsuccessfully with other developers I finally turned to the team at Toobler and they took my idea and brought it to life. Immediately Toobler saw my vision collaborated with me to fine tune it and most importantly get it done. The communication and client care is truly second to none, they treated and continue to treat me with professionalism as a team member on the project and not just a customer.

Jesus Estrella, Shoepermarket