Eliminate Moving Permit Hassles with a Web App

Project Overview

Permit Puller wished to further develop Moving Permits, their existing heroku app. The application assisted clients with city-issued temporary moving permits by streamlining the moving process and reducing hassles for the customers. Moving permits does all the laborious and exhausting paperwork for the permit and also ensures that the temporary ‘No Parking’ signs go up as per the requirement.

What challenge did the app address?

Acquiring a moving permit can be quite a struggle that consumes time and energy. Permit Puller handles all the paperwork and the arrangements for the placement of temporary ‘No Parking’ signs, redeeming the customers a headache.

How did the proposed app monitor & manage moving permits requests easily?

Permit Puller required a quick and easy-to-use web application that processed requests for moving permits. The admin should be able to manage the users and groups, add required content like the cities, email texts, front-page news ticker, reports, testimonials and options to create quick permits and audit reports.

What approach led to the successful development of the app?

A web application utilising Node.js with simple interfaces based on agile methodology. It has the JavaScript-based open source Angular.js as the front-end web application framework.

How did the app eliminate moving permit hassles?

Toobler built a centralized data management system that enables the admin to monitor and manage requests for moving permits and all work related to it.

How did the app perform?
  • A Permit request can be placed within 60 seconds
  • Streamlines the process in all major US cities offering temporary parking permits for movers. (Coverage of 100+ cities across the United states)
  • Flexibility in issuing temporary parking permits for Construction Vehicles, Staging/Scaffolding, Dumpsters, Lifts and Oversized load trucking services.
Features & Functionality

User ManagementWith the user management functionality, the admin can manage new users and assign them to the groups.

GroupsNew groups and existing groups can be created and administer with easy-to-click options and details.

Email Texts, Cities and Ticker BlurbsEmails with personalized or stylized templates with the required data can be send to the users. Users can select or request for new cities with the necessary details and content to be added with the ‘Cities’ feature. The Ticker/Blurbs allows news content to be added and run at the appropriate location as specified.

Quick PermitsNew and existing permits are generated and send to the user’s account.

Take Down Reports, Testimonials, Audit ReportTake down reports indicate the start and end dates of ‘No Parking’ signs that go up for the customers along with other details. Testimonials can be added to the home page and the audit report.

What client loved

My experiences with the Toobler folks has been stellar. Their programming has been solid and their designs have been exceptional – a rare commodity in the outsourcing world. Without any hesitation – I will continue to use Toobler on all my projects.

Dave Backman, Founder of MovingPermits