A Web App for the Best Deals in Market

Project Overview

Shopbox contacted Toobler with a requirement for a price comparison search engine for both web and mobile applications. We developed a price comparison and product discovery platform that assisted users in making the right choice by giving them real-time information about the product, its pricing and availability.It also provides deals and vouchers for customers, making online shopping a truly enriching experience.

What challenge faced by online shoppers did the app solve?

Lee Barrett, owner of Shopbox UK, noticed that online shoppers loved to shop. To get a good deal for a product, customers would have to visit various online shops to know the price that they offer. Lee Barrett wanted to solve this by building a price comparison app for a wonderful online shopping experience.

How did the app improve online shopping for users?

Our client requested for a web and mobile application that would give customers the best deal by listing out the different prices for a product. The price comparison engine should also be able to notify customers of the price reductions offered by businesses.

What was the approach taken to develop the app?

We created a MVP based on the agile methodology. It has the javascript based open source and  Angular.js as the front-end web application framework.

How did the app provide accurate price comparison?

A price comparison search engine with centralized data management system. It also offered customers subscription accounts and price watch to inform them about the price reductions as they occur.

How successful was the app?
  • Successfully onboarded 1500 retail providers

  • Was acquired by an award-winning technology and fundraising company.
Features & Functionality

Product ListProduct list allows the admin to add products to the master product table. Product details are retrieved by selecting a merchant, brand or keyword. The ‘Exact Match’ option is also another metric available.

ReportsReports allow the admin to track and analyze the actions of the users and merchants in the site.

Product ManagementProduct management allows the admin to add the products, deleted and tagged.Categories and brands can be assigned and product and merchant details can be viewed and edited.

Voucher CodesVoucher code management, Featured or top vouchers, Featured merchants are some of the features offered to manage the vouchers from various businesses.

WishlistA customer can add products to the wishlist which will notify him once the products are updated to the site.

Price WatchCustomers are notified about price reductions for various products and especially for those added to the wish list. The notification would be send as an email.

What client loved

The guys at Toobler were very involved from the very first minute they started working on my project. Their commitment, knowledge and dedication helped me wrap it up in a spectacular fashion and needless to say, the result was a huge success.

Lee Barrett, London, UK