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Android Mobile Application Development

An open source mobile operating system, Android has a stunning user base across the globe. The apps are optimized for the Android platform and showcase excellent speed, scalability, responsiveness and high level of performance.

Android applications are scripted in either Java or Kotlin language utilizing a rich set of libraries and APIs. This results in the app demonstrating high efficiency. When compared to its counterparts, the android app development process offers tremendous strategic and operational benefits. It not only offers high ROI but also a secure and unwavering platform.

As a result of inheriting their device’s operating system, the apps are more interactive and intuitive. Since the contents including the visual elements are already stored on their devices, users experience quicker app load times. Further, compared to other mobile app development platforms, Android offers a splendid range of option to cater the graphic design needs.

Why Native?

How important is the performance of your app? Well, very important is something we would all say. While deciding between hybrid and native apps, there are a plethora of advantages to using hybrid apps but the primary consideration should be user experience. Statistics clearly indicate that poor mobile app experiences discourage users from using the app again.

When compared with native counterparts, hybrid apps come with their own set of benefits like lesser app development cost, easier maintenance, faster development time. But the success of a mobile app surely depends on factors like user experience, performance, security and undoubtedly native apps are true differentiators in this regard. At Toobler, we are an app development services company, who can provide you with high performance android and ios app development at scale with maximum speed and efficiency, without compromising on quality.

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Why TooblerOps?

We have successfully ingrained devOps based strategies in our application development process.The main idea behind encouraging the use of Mobile DevOps in our organization was its ability to eliminate bottlenecks and inefficiencies. The internal communication improved and made the entire process more efficient and transparent, which ultimately helped us build better apps faster. At Toobler, we leverage gitlab repo and gitlab CI/Jenkins to build the CI/CD pipeline.

The pipeline comprises of three stages namely Build, Test and Deploy. We make use of  docker containers to build the application. Considered as the most crucial step in the  CI/CD pipeline,testing involves different processes including code auto reviews and code coverage using code quality checking tools like codacy,code climate in the gitlab repo. Tools like Jest are used to carry out front end unit testing. We also make use of behaviour driven development to 

automate the integration test. Finally, the deployment process is completed using tools like kubernetes,dockers,terraform and ansible. The TechStack utilized by us includes Java, Kotlin and Android Studio.

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