Key Benefits of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD)

Better Code Quality

The DevOps model offers a parallel real-time testing environment which significantly improves the quality of code. The development and operations working hand-in-hand results in unified quality assurance, accurate results and early bug detection. Test automation ensures minimal human intervention considerably reducing the risk of system failure.

Smaller Code Changes

With continuous integration and delivery, smaller pieces of code can be integrated into the code repository.  Easy to handle, the smaller code changes undergo continuous testing as soon as they are integrated into the repository resulting in early bug detection, fast & comprehensive feedback, and increased efficiency.

Enhanced Fault Detection & Isolation

Systems designed using CI/CD enable faster fault detection and isolation. This helps limiting the scope of bugs in an application before they cause damage to the entire system. Reducing potential damage, fault isolation makes systems easier to maintain and prevents sudden breakdown and the huge economic loss associated with it. 

Faster Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR)

MTTR here represents the average time required to repair a  broken feature. With CI/CD, organizations can significantly reduce MTTR as code changes are easier to handle along with faster fault detection and isolation. It minimizes failures and enables quick recovery from failures that do occur.

Improved Team Transparency and Accountability

The CI/CD model helps organizations gain continuous feedback not only from their customers but also the in-house teams. The rapid feedback helps refine the product, improves team transparency and encourages responsible accountability in the workplace

Increased ROI

With shorter development cycles, faster code deployments, decreased time to market, improved productivity, early bug detection and continuous feedback, CI/CD helps businesses deliver products aligned to customer needs at a faster pace leading to dramatic increase in revenue.

Toobler DevOps Ecosystem

We Follow A Three-phase DevOps Pipeline

DevOps Toolchain and Practices Used

Incident Tracking and Management

Tools Used : Teamwork, Slack, Gitlab, Mantis

Source code management

Tools Used : Gitlab, Bitbucket

Continuous Integration and Delivery(CI/CD)

Tools Used : Jenkins, Gitlab CI

Code Quality

Tools Used : Code climate, Sonarqube

Code build

Tools Used : NPM, Yarn, Kaniko

Code test

Tools Used : Jest,Mocha, Selenium, Nightwatch and cucumber.js

Containerisation and Orchestration

Tools Used : Docker, Kubernetes

Configuration tools

Tools Used : Terraform and Ansible

Hire Dedicated DevOps Team

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My experiences with the Toobler folks has been stellar. Their programming has been solid and their designs have been exceptional – a rare commodity in the outsourcing world. Without any hesitation – I will continue to use Toobler on all my projects.

Working with Toobler was easy for me. Their staff were always online when I needed to discuss something and they were professional and pleasant in their manner. They were also very knowledgeable and always had a good grasp on what was needed. This is a good company to have in your address book.

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