How DevOps metrics quantify the quality of your code ?

DevOps metrics provide end-to-end visibility into your entire DevOps environment spanning from code development to implementation. The critical insights derived help measure code quality at every stage in the CI/CD pipeline. It also enables the team to analyze whether their efforts are delivering the intended results.


Code Reliability refers to the probability that the software will perform the essential functions without failure for a specified period of time. It is indicative of the number of defects and availability of the software. Monitoring reliability metrics is critical to prevent/reduce unexpected application downtime, data corruption, and errors.


Maintainability measures the ease to read, modify and extend code. It depends on factors like complexity, size and structure of the codebase. Organizations can develop maintainable codebases using both automation and human intervention. Maintainability is a critical metric in the software domain because it is approximately 75% of the total project cost.


Transferability is indicative of code clarity. With frequent releases in a DevOps environment, the ability of code to integrate quickly becomes critical.Codes with high transferability can be quickly modified/maintained, which is essential for success DevOps implementation.


Testability measures the extent to which a software supports testing efforts. It heavily relies on how well you can observe, isolate, control, and automate testing. The number of test cases needed to find potential faults is used to measure testability. Factors like size and complexity of software impact testability.


A piece of code is considered to be portable if the same code can work in different environments. Talking about portability, it measures how usable a particular code is in different environments. Test your code regularly on different platforms to ensure high code portability.

Defect Metrics

Defect Metrics  provides your team with an overview of the number of defects and their severity. It can help analyze overall software quality. It Helps:

  • Identify the stage in which the defect originated
  • Time taken to  identify and rectify the defects
  • Number of defects per lines of code

Toobler DevOps Ecosystem

We Follow A Three-phase DevOps Pipeline

DevOps Toolchain and Practices Used

Incident Tracking and Management

Tools Used : Teamwork, Slack, Gitlab, Mantis

Source code management

Tools Used : Gitlab, Bitbucket

Continuous Integration and Delivery(CI/CD)

Tools Used : Jenkins, Gitlab CI

Code Quality

Tools Used : Code climate, Sonarqube

Code build

Tools Used : NPM, Yarn, Kaniko

Code test

Tools Used : Jest,Mocha, Selenium, Nightwatch and cucumber.js

Containerisation and Orchestration

Tools Used : Docker, Kubernetes

Configuration tools

Tools Used : Terraform and Ansible

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