The DevOps incident management process

Incident identification

Avoid alert fatigue and strike the right balance between under-alerting and over-alerting with DevOps powered incident identification. Leveraging DevOps culture of constant collaboration and continuous improvement enables you to redefine anomaly thresholds, create actionable alerts and optimize monitoring and alerting solutions for effective incident detection. 

Incident Response

A DevOps team taking on-call responsibilities using the right tools and processes can effectively reroute the incident based on contextual alerts, looping in and collaborating with the required people in real-time-all under one roof.

Incident Resolution

When it comes to resolving an issue, the DevOps team already have an upper hand in reducing downtime. This is because of the deeper insights they have about the application or system code as a whole-because they developed it! This enables them to better understand what went wrong and how to resolve it faster than any other response team analyzing the code for the first time.

Incident Analysis & Readiness

Once the DevOps team closes out an issue, post-incident reviews are conducted with people from different areas sharing data, metrics and information about what worked well and what didn’t throughout the entire process. The critical insights and lessons-learned help reduce incident response time thereby  improving your incident readiness and system resilience.

Toobler DevOps Ecosystem

We Follow A Three-phase DevOps Pipeline

DevOps Toolchain and Practices Used

Incident Tracking and Management

Tools Used : Teamwork, Slack, Gitlab, Mantis

Source code management

Tools Used : Gitlab, Bitbucket

Continuous Integration and Delivery(CI/CD)

Tools Used : Jenkins, Gitlab CI

Code Quality

Tools Used : Code climate, Sonarqube

Code build

Tools Used : NPM, Yarn, Kaniko

Code test

Tools Used : Jest,Mocha, Selenium, Nightwatch and cucumber.js

Containerisation and Orchestration

Tools Used : Docker, Kubernetes

Configuration tools

Tools Used : Terraform and Ansible

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