Services included in the Support and Maintenance Packages

Corrective Maintenance Services

Responding quickly to failures and maintenance issues is crucial. It makes all the difference between staying operational and temporarily shutting down. Our team provides the right corrective maintenance solutions enabling businesses to quickly respond to emergencies. The experts are well-equipped to handle major and minor issues that may occur in system functionality.

Adaptive Maintenance Services

We offer adaptive maintenance services to ensure that your application remains stable and adapts to changes in the environment including hardware, operating system, software dependencies and even business policies. The team understands your business requirements while enhancing the scalability and performance of the apps.

Scheduled Maintenance Services

Toobler’s scheduled app maintenance services deliver maximum app efficiency and availability while reducing system outages and maintenance costs.Our experts provide maintenance support using various cutting-edge technologies and software tools  to ensure your mission-critical apps remain robust, scalable and secure.

Further Details Of Our Support and Maintenance Packages

Our Corrective Maintenance solutions include:

  1. Customize, re-engineer, and enhance existing software
  2. Trouble diagnostics
  3. Fault detection and rectification
  4. Provide support through email and call
  5. Conduct repairs due to unscheduled failure of components
  6. Advisory on additional measures

Our Adaptive Maintenance solutions Include:

  1. UI/UX enhancement
  2. Performance fine-tuning
  3. Features extension
  4. Security enhancement
  5. Debugging 
  6. Optimizing server performance
  7. New functionality development

Security checks and backups Included in Scheduled Maintenance Services:

  1. Source code Backup – Monthly
  2. Server configuration backup – Monthly
  3. Database backup – Weekly
  4. Basic security checks – Monthly
  5. Server load analysis – Monthly
  6. Analytics report – Monthly


Launch, Grow and Scale your business by subscribing our support packages.

25 Hours** Of Support


  • Scheduled Maintenance Services

*Billed on first friday of every Month

**additional hours will be charged at $28/hour

160 Hours** Of Support


  • Scheduled Maintenance Services 
  • Corrective Maintenance Service 
  • Adaptive Maintenance Services

*Billed on first friday of every quarter

**additional hours will be charged at $24/hour

1500 Hours** Of Support


  • Scheduled Maintenance Services 
  • Corrective Maintenance Service 
  • Adaptive Maintenance Services 
  • Dedicated FullStack developer

*Billed on first friday of every year

**additional hours will be charged at $20/hour


My experiences with the Toobler folks has been stellar. Their programming has been solid and their designs have been exceptional – a rare commodity in the outsourcing world. Without any hesitation – I will continue to use Toobler on all my projects.

Working with Toobler was easy for me. Their staff were always online when I needed to discuss something and they were professional and pleasant in their manner. They were also very knowledgeable and always had a good grasp on what was needed. This is a good company to have in your address book.

I believe that Toobler provided me the highest level of communication & coding during my product development. The world has greatly benefited from hands of their innovative team!

The guys at Toobler were very involved from the very first minute they started working on my project. Their commitment, knowledge and dedication helped me wrap it up in a spectacular fashion and needless to say, the result was a huge success.

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