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Ios Application Development

With a whopping over 2 million iOS applications in Apple’s App Store, iOS is undoubtedly the most advanced mobile app platform in the world. The  apps are optimized for the iOS platform and demonstrate a high level of performance.

Quantitatively Android may outnumber iOS but when it comes to app quality iOS platform offers unmatched quality. Unlike Android, Apple doesn’t allow skinning and subsequent fragmentation which results in consistent and enhanced user experience. Further, as the iOS devices store the app, the software can leverage the device’s processing speed.

The prerequisite for developing iOS apps is a Mac.To start developing apps the only tool you need to download is Xcode.An integrated development environment provided by Apple. It offers all the required to tools, iOS SDK,compilers and frameworks to kickstart your app development. The apps can be developed using Objective C and Swift programming languages.

Why Native ?

Mobile phones being highly personal devices are expected to be responsive and reliable. The same goes for mobile apps irrespective of the approach followed by developers, the end users expect a consistent and clean experience. Customer experience and performance  have unprecedented significance when it comes to mobile. In stark contrast to hybrid apps, Native Apps are developed in a mature ecosystem for a particular platform and offer unmatched user experience, performance and security. 

Considering the two key promoters for mobile apps user experience and speed, native app development is the uncontested winner in both cases. Despite factors like expensive development, frequent upgrades, time-consuming development, native app development is your go-to solution if security, user experience and performance are the real game changers for you.

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DevOps based Web Application Development
Why Toobler adopted Devops ?

At Toobler, we follow devOps based strategies to build feature-rich, powerful and robust apps. Our proficient team makes use of gitlab repo and gitlab CI/Jenkins to build the CI/CD pipeline. The  pipeline includes three stages:

Build:- We use docker containers to build the application.

Test:- The most crucial step in the  CI/CD pipeline. It involves code auto reviews and code coverage using code quality checking tools like codacy, code climate in the gitlab repo. Front End unit testing is also carried out using tools like Jest. Different tools are used for backend unit testing depending on the language used. To automate the integration test, we make use of behavior driven development. 

Deploy:- We use tools like kubernetes,dockers,terraform and ansible for deployment. Swift, Xcode and Objective-C is the TechStack we use to develop native iOS apps. 

Adopting efficient mobile DevOps practices into our development process has not only resulted in efficient use of resources but also helped us save time and build better apps. 

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