Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

Faster Development, Easy Implementation, Reduced Costs

Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Considered the holy grail of software development. Cross-platform mobile app development refers to the development of mobile apps that are compatible with multiple mobile platforms. One of the main problems faced by developers in the initial days was that the code developed for one operating system could not be repurposed for another OS. Cross Platform Mobile Application Development is a wonderful solution for such mobile platform diversity issues.

The technology enables developers to build and deploy mobile apps on multiple platforms using a single codebase. Thus putting an end to the process of developing an app multiple times using native technology for each platform. There are numerous tools and frameworks that enable faster cross-platform mobile app development like PhoneGap, Ionic, Xamarin, React Native, Flutter, Native Script, Apache Weex and many more.

There are numerous reasons organizations prefer cross-platform mobile development including reduced costs, lower app development time, flexible UI/UX development and many more. Starting from old hands to newbees, cross-platform mobile app development is something all companies are getting into.

When to Build a Cross-Platform App?

Planning to build a cross-platform app? It is an ideal solution if you are in search of an affordable and time-saver mobile application. It has evolved to be a common approach among businesses. The platform offers several benefits including

  • Easy and fast app deployment

  • Reusable code components

  • Wider audience reach

  • Easy integration with the cloud

  • Ideal for prototyping

  • Easy access to plugins

  • Simpler coding process

  • Reduced App development Cost

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Things to Know Before Choosing Cross-Platform Apps Development

Despite gaining a lot of traction owing to its unprecedented benefits, cross-platform app development is not everyone’s cup of tea. Depending on the project and it’s needs you need to choose the appropriate technology. Cross-Platform Apps Development may not be the best course of action in some cases like

  • You need to develop functionality that will require platform-specific implementations

  • The project demands high performance and scalable APIs

  • Requires the ability to integrate with third-party SDKs.

  • Advanced graphics performance is required 

Our Innovative approaches to cross-platform development involve developing powerful and  feature-rich Hybrid and Progressive Applications.

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