Hybrid Mobile Application Development

Hybrid apps just like Native apps run on the device and can be downloaded from the platform’s app store. In stark contrast to native counterparts hybrid apps are developed using technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript. One of the biggest advantage associated with hybrid apps is the use of a single code base in the development process. It allows code reuse and thus ensuring seamless performance in multiple platforms.

Essentially a web app, hybrid apps run inside a lightweight native container and leverage device capabilities like camera, geolocation, accelerometer, push notifications, etc. Easy to maintain, hybrid apps leverage the device’s browser engine (but not the browser) to render HTML and process JavaScript locally.

The real secret ingredient in hybrid apps is the implementation of a web-to-native abstraction layer that exposes the device capabilities aka native APIs to the hybrid app as a JavaScript API and thus enabling access to device capabilities.

Flutter Mobile Application Development

Revolutionizing iOS and Android app development, Flutter a Google offering is an open source SDK utilizing single code structure to build expressive, beautiful and flexible apps. Infuse life into your apps, build UIs and add features in no time with Flutter’s Hot Reload. Built-in beautiful Material Design and Cupertino (iOS-flavor) widgets, rich motion APIs help productively build apps that customers will love. At Toobler, we have been helping businesses across the globe develop robust, elegant and efficient Cross-Platform Apps on Flutter.

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Flutter mobile app development
React Native application development
React Native Mobile Application Development

You can now build apps using only Javascript all thanks to React Native. It easily combines with components written in Swift, Java, or Objective-C. Bid adieu to recompiling and build apps faster by reloading your apps instantly with Hot Reloading feature. Further, you also have the option to build a part of your app in React Native and a part of your app using native code directly. We have unmatched experience and expertise in building powerful, elegant and efficient  Cross- Platform Apps on React native.

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