Why Develop a Mobile App For Your Theme Park?

From interactive maps enabling easier site-navigation to real-time intelligence on ride wait times, restaurant tips-Theme park apps provide information to guests, when and where they need it. With a theme park in the pocket, guests can make in-app ticket purchases while taking full advantage of relevant promotions. Solving numerous challenges for theme parks, it provides vital insights on customer behavior. Apps provide fresh revenue streams and methods to market a park to its visitors.

Bid Adieu To Long Queues

One of the worst things about theme parks is waiting in the long queues that never seem to end. A theme park mobile app can help solve this challenge by displaying live waiting  times of attractions enabling visitors to manage their time effectively. Day planner with intelligent suggestions based on preferences and location can help manage guest flow.This reduces park overcrowding and eliminates endless queues and chaos.

Track and Monitor Customer Satisfaction

Most park visitors will not make the effort to go online or fill out printed feedback forms. However, leveraging a mobile app, theme park management can easily get visitor reviews and feedback. The entire process can be simplified while gamification can make it even more fun.

Creating New Revenue Streams

Guests are willing to pay more for a better experience. For e.g, in a conventional manner visitors will be queuing for rides but replacing the same with live wait times and fast-pass upgrades in the theme park app results in increased revenue from queue jump sales. By providing better services, amusement park owners can ramp up customer spend.

Optimized Service Delivery with Pre-Ordering and Booking Facility

One of the best ways to make your service faster is to enable guests to pre-order, purchase tickets, food and other premium experiences through the app. Besides, the app also notifies visitors about  the nearest hotels and restaurants available in the park while allowing them to reserve the same.It helps the visitors make efficient use of their time by skipping long lines. On the other hand, the park management can better estimate demand and allocate supplies.

Translating Customer Insight into Smart Actions

With mobile app analytics, you can gain invaluable insights about visitor  behavior, interests, spending patterns, etc. This data can be used to make smart and informed operational decisions and also for marketing purposes. By providing relevant offers, timely promotions and instant rewards, you can increase customer retention and satisfaction.

Building Customer Trust and Loyalty

Understanding visitor profiles and their behaviour enables theme park owners to provide a personalized experience to their customers.Sending out personalized notifications and promotions based on the visitor’s interest and buying patterns improves customer loyalty and retention.

Features that you can expect in the Theme Park Application

An engaging amusement park mobile app will enhance customer satisfaction. A fun app must have the following features. Talk to our Theme Park Mobile Application Development experts today.

IOS and Adriod app for Customer

The app will enable amusement park visitors to choose rides/attractions, make hotel and restaurant reservations, avail coupons and make payments effortlessly. Eliminating pain points, the app will provide guests with real-time ride wait times, schedule changes, and customized offers.

Wayfinding Functionality

The functionality will help visitors easily navigate around the park without any confusion by providing GPS integration. The interactive maps will come with indications of a guest’s current location along with other theme park attractions/rides. It will also help them identify where they have parked their vehicles.

Branded Loyalty Program

Want to make your theme park experience absolutely unforgettable? Leveraging app analytics, you can get critical insights about your park visitors. The data can be used to provide  personalized offers, timely promotions and instant rewards to the guests. Thus, helping build customer loyalty. 

How we Apply IoT to Amusement Park Application

Applying IoT to Theme Park Mobile Application Development offers both incredible customer experience and corporate profits to the theme park industry. It is a win-win situation for both the guests and theme park owners. With queue management just being the tip of the iceberg, the technology helps improve wayfinding, site navigation, data analysis, security and much more.

Seamless Visits

Beacon-and tag-enabled applications enable theme park owners to provide better customer experience. Realistic wait times, alternate ride suggestions and real-time alerts not only eliminate overcrowding but also enhance the overall customer experience. What’s more? IoT powered apps can help guests find their parked vehicles, washrooms, hotels and even people. With tags and gateways, theme parks become safer as  even lost children can be easily located.

Personalized Experiences

Leveraging Bluetooth LE-based tech, theme parks can offer one-of-a-kind multimedia experiences to their visitors. Guests  have easy access to information like nearby events, height/age restrictions of rides, etc. 

Data Analysis and Insights

The apps offer critical data throwing light on the actions of theme park visitors. Beacon app data or tag-gateway helps track crowd-flow, customer dwell times, etc. This enables the management to adjust the product and service availability as per the visitor needs. Further, the data can also be used to re-target visitors with relevant promotions.

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