Project manager from Sweden!

Meet Fedrick, our project manager from Sweden. He will closely work with our Sweden-based clients to understand their business requirements, define the scope of the project and control quality throughout the entire project development lifecycle. 

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Our strategic nearshore expert will help clients based in Norway realize their full potential and  achieve great results through this partnership. The project manager will identify and understand the technical requirements, design and functionality elements of the project early on in the design process. This points out flaws early, saves valuable time and results in intuitive, functional and delightful products.

Detailed Technical Scoping

Our experts leverage detailed technical scoping to optimize every aspect of app development. This helps develop better products while saving big on time and money. 

Our Approach – Step 1: In the initial phase, our team creates a detailed requirement document about the project including details like what type of code to use for backend development, system requirements the app will need to run properly, how many platforms will the app support, etc. 

Step 2: All the vital details are combined into one document that sheds light on the project goal, roadmap to achieve the target, costs to expect, etc. Our experts take clients from a vague start with lots of open ends to a realistic quotation enabling them to start building the project at the earliest. 

The approach is combined with over ten years of app development experience to develop stunning app experiences that your customers will love.

Solving Challenges since 2008

Founded in 2008, we have been transforming business ideas into compelling digital experiences. Our dedicated team of skilled professionals leverage agile application development support practices, DevOps tools and technologies to maximize client investment and help achieve their business goals. 

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Our proven DevOps expertise and diverse experience across business domains has the ability to scale, speed and transform processes, and applications enabling businesses realize their full potential and achieve goals most quickly and effectively.

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Scale your business by hiring our Full Stack development expert or a complete team. We can help you setup a complete dedicated engineer team in under a week.

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My experiences with the Toobler folks has been stellar. Their programming has been solid and their designs have been exceptional – a rare commodity in the outsourcing world. Without any hesitation – I will continue to use Toobler on all my projects.

Working with Toobler was easy for me. Their staff were always online when I needed to discuss something and they were professional and pleasant in their manner. They were also very knowledgeable and always had a good grasp on what was needed. This is a good company to have in your address book.

I believe that Toobler provided me the highest level of communication & coding during my product development. The world has greatly benefited from hands of their innovative team!

The guys at Toobler were very involved from the very first minute they started working on my project. Their commitment, knowledge and dedication helped me wrap it up in a spectacular fashion and needless to say, the result was a huge success.

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