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Strategic Solutions for your Business

It has been over a decade now that Toobler has been successfully helping businesses leverage technology to solve their strategic business problems. We are committed to improve your services, differentiate your offerings, and propel your business forward.Our innovative solutions inspire, engage and convert.

With the ever-changing IT landscape, legacy applications are bound to become obsolete.This is where our Legacy Modernization solution steps in. It leverages the power of new IT to modernize your legacy apps resulting in greater efficiency, higher productivity and improved agility.

In some cases,applications implemented on an existing platform may fail to provide the desired flexibility, scalability or resiliency. We can help by migrating your app from the current operating environment to another environment while reducing risk and cost. Accelerate your digital transformation journey with our IoT solutions. Right from connectivity, to data management, we have covered it all.

Rapid Application Development

Rapid Application Development and Digital Transformation are two sides of the same coin. In the modern ecosystem, the demand to develop new apps and also repurpose the existing apps for new platforms easily outstrips the capacity of most organizations to deliver. This is where Rapid Application Development RAD steps in.Deliver software solutions on time and well within your budget with our Rapid Application Development service. Faster development times, lower costs and easy bug detection and elimination are among the few benefits offered by this platform. Focusing on speed and agility, our solutions will increase your team’s productivity and overall efficiency by leaps and bounds.

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Application Migration

With the ever-evolving needs of “born digital” consumers, certain applications implemented on existing platform may not be able to provide the required scalability and resilience. This is where Application Migration comes into the picture. We provide end-to-end application migration solutions including Migration to Microservices Architecture, RESTful API Development and

Migration from RDBMS – MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle to Big Data  to facilitate fast and safe migration.. Be rest assured about the migration reliability as we utilize a proven process using automation tools thus eliminating human and dependency errors reducing overall risk. Our seasoned team has the experience and expertise to maximize efficiency, minimize data loss and reduce disruptions during the migration process.

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Internet of Things solutions help connect.communicate and manage devices in ways that enable breakthrough results and provides your organization with a competitive edge. At Toobler, we help customers process, analyze and visualize data for analytics and pattern analysis. Further, we help businesses build, market and monetize experiences leveraging IoT as it improves overall customer experience and support. We provide organizations all the required capabilities and tools to build new business models using IoT and thus generating new revenue streams

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