Scalability is the key potential we deploy.

Scaling-up matters in every industry. Be it Information Technology, Healthcare, Hospitality, Infrastructure or Banking growth by all means is an uncompromised factor in the timeline of an entrepreneurship. With hardwork and intelligent outswings, we crafted a network of 60 proficient professionals, who deliver cutting-edge service on demand, by the end of the year 2016. And you're, of course, one of the big reasons for what we are today. Computing more into the pipeline, we look forward to come up with solutions to serve you better for many more years to come.

We at

CeBIT 2015


Our very first visit at CeBIT 2015 occured at Hannover, Germany, was indeed a great step toward the scalability of Toobler Technologies as a service provider in the Information Technology industry. At the Kerala IT pavillion, we showcased our expertises to the crowd of 200,000+. Representing Toobler, company's CTO, Jerry Don was present at the world's biggest IT Expo. The Expo commenced on 16th of March and winded up on 20th.


we successfully delivered in 2015

2015 might be the biggest year in the history of Toobler. It happened to witness a maximum number of successful project deliveries. Our proficient developers, artistic designers, front-end programmers, and hosting architects were engaged in finding out the right innovative solutions for our clients. Following are some of the major projects we worked in different domains in 2015.

  • An ultimate Android-only tablet for hotels. When a traveller visits a hotel, this app serves to be a personal assistant to order beverages, food and much more incredible experiences.
  • It's a hybrid app works on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices using Phonegap. The app lets you reserve your favourite table or the entire Liquor bar at any of your special occasion.
  • Hospitality
  • Finance
  • IT Service
  • ECommerce
  • Personal
  • Human
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Law
  • Event
  • Marketing
  • An online platform to associate all your accounting software under one roof in order to gather meaningful insights and intuitions to understand the health of your business in real-time.
  • A responsive web app to give and get feedbacks across a huge number of categories so easily and quickly. A much appreciated concept in a consumer-centric market.
  • A social-centric web app to easily create and share events so that your target audience never miss to be reached out.
  • It's a web app that lets you to collect, create and publish album. With the same you could create an album collecting images from your social accounts and local storage.
  • An Android-only micro messenger with a refreshing face to interact with your friends, receive notificationS about subscribed feeds.
  • It's a web interface to identify images and videos on the cloud using deep learning algorithms.
  • It's a web app and a Chrome extension that help researchers and scholars to track information on particular topics they create on them.
  • It's a news clustering web app that mines stories from all major online news publishers and keeps you updated with latest buzzes.
  • A cost-effective platform to meet mobile app needs to run businesses in a mobile-centric market with cutting edge technologies and mechanisms.
  • An admin module programmed by our proficient developers for data mining. The application filters and sorts scraped data from web pages. It's used in price comparison websites and apps.
  • An online shopping cart dedicated for buying and selling shoes. Comprised of bidding and many unique features, the e Commerce stands out from the competitors.
  • An Android-only app for online shopping from the nearby shops based on the location. The app lists the products of the nearest location and the prices they hold
  • An amazing iOS app created for extreme shopping experience in shopping malls. The app works using the built-in geofencing and iBeacon technologies.
  • A personal website of one of the leading professional keynote speakers in Germany. Our creative heads have done a magnificent job in turning out it to be a great achievement of the client.
  • A beautiful web platform for HR recruiters. The service lets you post job openings in different job websites at the same time.
  • The only complete DICOM app on the App Store that enables highly rich communication between physicians. The software supports every image format used in the DICOM standard.
  • A highly user-friendly platform both on iOS and Android built to enable security at higher degree in schools. As a SaaS, it provides an exceptional channel to communicate between school authorities and students.
  • An incredible platform for those who want to file for patent application. The web interface lets you know about whether there is already any patent in your concept that you want to apply for patency.
  • A powerful Android app for the participants in the human-powered watercraft, dragon boat. The app plays a major role in the communication between them.
  • A chrome extension built especially for the marketing professionals for lead generation and email sorting, tracking functionalities.
  • Technologies

    We picked up in 2015

    Every now and then, new-new technologies come into reality and help developers build a beautiful and a better world. Pursuing with the objective to always be a one-stop-solution in the Information and Technology service sphere, we are cohered to fledge with the latest technology stacks arise in the market. And that's the way we want to do to deliver masterful outputs to our clients.


    MeteorJS is an open-source web application framework based on JavaScript and written using Node.js. Appeared in 2012, Meteor, is exceptionally coordinated for rapid prototyping, and powers build cross-platform outputs (Web, Android, iOS).


    ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library for creating incredible user interfaces. It stands just for 'v' (view) in MVC. The library was developed by top developers in Facebook and released in 2013.


    Based on AngularJS and Apache Cordova, Ionic enables extreme services and tools to develop hybrid apps using the technologies - CSS, HTML5, and Sass. In other words, it's an open source mobile app framework.

    AWS IoT

    A platform built by Amazon that connects, manages, and analyzes connected devices and makes securely interact with cloud applications. The IoT platform is integrated with Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3, Amazon Machine Learning, and Amazon DynamoDB.


    OpenTok is a platform for developers to build live, group video broadcasts in web experience. As a PaaS channel it provides hosted infrastructure, APIs and tools to enable real-time communication.


    It's an open source communication standard that enables Real-Time Communications (RTC) in mobile applications and browsers via simple APIs. It is used in high quality voice and video chat applications.


    An open source navigation scripting & testing utility written in Javascript for PhantomJS and SlimerJS headless browsers. Providing much useful high-level functions, it simplifies the process of defining a full navigation scenario.


    PhantomJS is an open-source headless browser scripted in JavaScript API enabling automated navigation, screenshots, user behavior and assertions. The platform ensures fast native support for various web standards.


    It's a realtime MVC framework to easily build and customize commercial apps based on Node.js. The technology is used for building any web application, but is highly recommended for chat, real-time dashboards, and multiplayer games.

    Phalcon PHP

    Phalcon is a web application PHP framework that highly performs for MVC based applications. It's built as a C extension to optimize high performance. This open-source framework helps reduce resource usage to boost execution speed to perform more requests compared to other frameworks written in PHP.

    Our focus in 2016

    Being a part of an disruptive artefact that helps transform the world has always been the determination of Toobler since the origin. It's been 7 years of mastery we have been understanding and helping our clients to meet their expectations. Bringing innovative idea into life is always a winsome challenge for us as we pledge to provide services that meet every class of a high-end IT service provider. And we promise to keep our momentum in the service since we are intended to stay updated with every latest technology newly coded in the stack. Following are some of the major technologies we've already started studies and passion to fledge to the fullest in the year, 2016.

    IoTInternet of Things

    Internet of Things is certainly a thing to be discussed in 2016, that is highly promised to take the future world for a disruptive transformation. When IoT is enabled, the internet-connected devices and sensors get connected each other and deliver real-time results improving the totality of the entrepreneurship;s architecture and work culture. And we'll be focusing to help you connected with the things in the following domains:

    • Aerospace and Defence

    • Automotive

    • Travel and Tourism

    • Medical and Health Care

    • Independent Living

    • Retail, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

    • Transportation

    • Media, Entertainment

    • Building & Home Automation


    The answer for what is next after smartphone age. Though wearables seems literally crawling, the techies aren't acquiescing taking no for its naivety. Smartwatch, VR glass, and fitness band are the right machineries of plethora to move over the digital generation. Well, we're in the hunt of a new age technologies to enable a better platform of living for the whole mankind.

    • Smartwatch

    • Virtual Reality

    • Fitness Band

    Business Intelligence
    and Analytical Applications

    Driving business with real-time intelligent measurements and improved performing analytical applications is the spine of today's work culture. With business Intelligence and analytical applications we build, we gather a huge amount of data from many sources to accredit the power to our clients to get the right information integrating data insights constructively in an easy-to-use analytics and monitor key metrics in furtherance of understanding the current status of our client's venture and assisting them with predictive, result-oriented suggestions.

    • Data visualization

    • Big Data analytics

    • Analytics platform and applications

    • Easy and real-time analytics

    • Mobile business intelligence

    • IoT Data

    • Cloud analytics

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