Top 10 Startups at CeBIT 2015

CeBIT 2015 is just giving it all to label it as the biggest international computer expo in the world. No wonder, CeBIT is the ultimate venue to brand your firm and ideas. If you’ve a very innovative thought which can change the world, then you have all ways to be led to the Rome of technologies. On the third day of CeBIT 2015, from the 50 shortlisted startups, the best 10 startups were announced. Let’s check out them all.

Startups at CeBIT 2015

Ambiotex is a smart shirt provider. The special high-tech t-shirt developed by Ambiotex is embedded with sensors and is connected via its mobile app compatible with iOS and Android. The information such as ECG, breathing rhythm, movement, calories burned, activity and distance run are displayed in the app connected to the TechUnit via Bluetooth Smart. The user could better exercises according to the messages shown in the app.

Athom is a Dutch company. Their product, Homey is the game changer here. It converts your home into a smarthome. Lights, TV, music, video, home appliances and many more work just interacting with them over voice command. Take Homey to your home. It will take care the technical parts to build a smarthome.

Cubilog is one another smarthome maker proving an end to end home automation platform giving a total control to the user over any smart home device placed in the home. Cubilog is compatible with all smart device protocols such as WiFi, Z-Wave, Bluetooth Smart, Zigbee, GSM, IRF 433, and Infrared.

FUZ Designs
FUZ Designs is a consumer electronics manufacturer. Their products range from smart locking device to iPhone cases. The firm seems like focused in designing and building a better products than the currently available ones rather than being very innovative.

Digitsole is a smart sole which can be kept in a pair of shoes replacing the normal soles. The sole helps you to warm your feet and track your whole day using Android/iOS app. Digitsole app connects your mobile and Digitsole via Bluetooth Smart.

Greebird is a consulting services firm helping the digital enterprises to achieve business growth and thus profit in long term.

IS Predict
IS Predict is a global consultancy primarily focused in assisting organizations with their innovative and self-learning data mining solutions for predictive analytics with an improved way of processes from the traditional concepts.

KIWI is a secure and handsfree state-of-the-art product allows the door unlocked without a key. The firm says that the system architecture of the KIWI-app complies with international safety standards for online banking.

Parkpocket is a comprehensive real-time informative app compatible with iOS and Android in the parking market. Parkpocket is a real blessing to the present generation struggling to find a parking slot in the buzzing city traffic.

And finally Relayr stands above all at the CeBIT 2015 being the number one ranked startup. Relayr is an Internet of Things (IoT) developing firm, which is into both hardware and software helping the other startups bringing their ideas into life and practice.

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