Web Application Development Services
Reliable Web Application Development

Toobler, over the last decade, has ensured a happy clientele by providing an outstanding web application development services for their requirements. The web solutions that are built after intense analysis, have a robust and stable code and is structured with scalability for the future.

Custom web apps provide businesses with efficient and profitable solutions that solve the business hurdles for their customers. Our developers have delivered web application projects for our clients from the world over. You can select from our range of web application services like Custom web development, eCommerce development, Enterprise web development, etc. 

The languages that we expertise in and used in our application development services are Node.js, React.js, Angular, Python, PHP, etc. Our full-stack developers will ensure that the front-end and back-end development is done with the designs and requirements of our clients in mind. We offer development support and maintenance for all our services so that you may stay focused on pressing matters at hand.

Progressive Web App Development

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are regular web applications that combine the best features of modern browsers with the benefits of mobile experience to create cross-platform web applications. In other words, the progressive web apps enhance user-experience and improve the page loading speed for a web application. It ensures the perfect functioning of the website and advances business outcomes. They are installable on your home screen and are progressive in nature, adapting to any device and browser and even runs smoothly on low internet connections.

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Single Page Application Development

Single-Page application, as the name suggests, is just one page!  A whole web app or site can be built with single page application development. These applications are most suitable for startups that have few products or services or applications which are less content and graphics intensive. SPAs give flexible and faster user-experience with better performance when compared to multiple-page applications.

For SPA development, HTML5/JavaScript-based frameworks are largely used. It can handle load distribution more efficiently through dynamic data from RESTFUL web services. Our SPA development based on with React / Angular, Node.js, and MongoDB as a full-stack technology.

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Rapid Web Application Development

With our rapid web application development services, we can assure increased speed and quality in your software development requirements. The RAD model we implement is based on the lean startup methodology – by repeating the development stages as and when required by the developer and client. We build the minimum viable products to find the a problem-solution fit.

The RAD based web and mobile apps are developed in a three-step process using cloud platforms, cloud services, CI CD tools, and frameworks.

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Scalable Web App Development

The knowledge that there will be a potential for a growing increase in users and traffic when building web solutions is crucial. So, when the situation arises, the scalable application will be ready with the correct scaling architecture. Our scalable web app development services ensure that scalability in an app is the ability to automatically upgrade or downgrade computing resources while maintaining the performance of the application. We begin our work with cloud readiness assessment to assess how prepared organizations are for the application migration to the cloud. If they require horizontal or vertical scaling and various other evaluations for the scalable web development.

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Industry-Based Web App Development

Our customized and scalable web apps are built with the latest web technologies to provide solutions for various industries. We have worked closely with solution providers from industries to built apps in the healthcare, e-commerce, manufacturing, retail, travel, finance, education, etc. Our experience in various industry segments helps businesses make informed decisions and increase their revenue with apps for consumer services.

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E-commerce Website Development

User-friendly e-commerce websites provide customers with better service and great shopping experience. This leads to a better business presence, and increased business efficiencies and return on investment. Businesses, based on their requirements, can decide whether they want a custom designed and developed e-commerce websites or suitable ready-made platforms like WooCommerce or Magento on the cloud or dedicated hosts.

With mobile-browsing and mobile device usage skyrocketing, online shopping has become a daily routine for many. We, a reliable and professional company with e-commerce website development services, can assure you of stylish custom e-commerce websites and website designs.  that has friendly interfaces and easy checkout for sustainable online stores.

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