4 Ways To Reduce your App Development Costs by 50%

Author: Sneha Gopal
August 7, 2019
4 Ways To Reduce your App Development Costs by 50%


Being multi-channel has become synonyms with the modern digital environment.Brand presence in these channels is critical to reach potential customers making it a vital business challenge of  the digital era. 

Mobile apps have become an integral part of modern business. They are an extension of your brand. Considered as the most powerful business tool, apps offer a myriad of benefits including increased business exposure, helps build customer loyalty, tap in target audience and strengthen brand value.

Once you have finally decided to get an app for your business, the next big thing to consider is the App Development Cost, which is exorbitant most times. Well, good things are seldom cheap. 

Does the thought of software development budget make you feel pique? Definitely, it is cost-intensive but reading this blog can help you significantly reduce app development cost without compromising on quality.

#1. IT outsourcing success mantra

Building your app in-house seems a logical choice as enterprises can exercise more control over the design and development process even though it can turn out to be an expensive affair. Consider outsourcing the same project, you can save big. Don’t fall prey to agencies offering suspiciously low prices. Often such agencies lack a proper business process and experienced developers.

Save Money on Development, Not on Developers

It is a win-win situation if you outsource your project to a reputed and ethical software development firm.  It usually comes with well-established business processes, a team of experienced and highly skilled developers who work exclusively on your project in another country where the hourly rates are lower. Outsourcing offers a host of other benefits too.

#2.Engage in  Cross-Platform Development

The first thought when you develop an app, which market do I target? Well, with cross-platform app development you just need to  code once and deploy across all platforms. No wonder, the platform has been scaling new heights since last few years.

The biggest advantage of the platform is the use of a single codebase to develop apps for multiple platforms.

It helps reduce development cost as you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money while developing apps for individual platforms. Further, it speeds up the development process and time to market.

#3.Prefer DevOps for app development 

Make a world of difference for your organization by adopting DevOps in your mobile app development process.It can significantly increase overall productivity, efficiency, customer satisfaction and revenue.Regardless of whether you are developing a web app or mobile app, the same principles are employed by DevOps.

Essential Elements of DevOps Approach for App Development

  • Agile Planning

  • Constant Integration

  • Proper Testing

  • Accurate Monitoring

  • Faster Delivery

  • Continuous Deployment

The DevOps Advantage 

Adopting DevOps in your development process can be a game changer. It brings a plethora of benefits including:

  • Better collaboration

  • Easy bug detection and fixing

  • Higher employee engagement

  • Continuous software delivery

  • Enhanced customer experience

  • Increased efficiency and revenue

#4.Adopt Iterative Development

In stark contrast to conventional methodology, development led by iterative approach divides the entire project into small stages (iterations). The process starts with the design and development of a small set of  software requirements followed by iterative enhancement of evolving versions until the complete system is implemented and ready to be deployed. The model helps find functional and design related flaws as early as possible.

Further, the iterative approach enables the team to quickly respond to ever-changing market needs without restructuring the entire project. Thus, saving loads of time and money. 

Summing it up, choosing the right app development partner can make or break your project. Planning to build an app  to improve your business or increase your revenue, get in touch with one of our in-house experts.