7 Pro Tips: Network Like a Boss at GITEX 2019

Author: Sneha Gopal
September 27, 2019
7 Pro Tips: Network Like a Boss at GITEX 2019


The biggest tech show in the Middle East, North Africa & South Asia- GITEX Technology week takes place in Dubai World Trade Centre from Oct 6 – Oct 10. The opportunity to network with prospects, key decision-makers and business heads of the tech industry makes GITEX an unmissable event. 

What makes the show exceptional is the wide spectrum of industries including Augmented Reality, App Development and Virtual Reality Software Development, Global Smart Cities Technology, IoT (Internet of Things) Apps Creators and Hardware, Future Tech Companies, Network Infrastructure & Security and many more participating in the show.

But for many people, the very thought of attending a trade show or business event sends chills down their spine. It is quite simple either you love networking or you loathe it. But with the right approach and planning, you can make the most of such events and get a great return on investment (ROI).

Without further ado, let’s get started with some tips that will help you make the most of your GITEX networking opportunities.

1. Planning is the key

GITEX can undoubtedly be an overwhelming experience, with so many things to see and do. What is the main objective of visiting the trade show? Are you searching for IoT solution providers, or tryingto fulfill your organization’s technology needs? Once you have a fair idea about who all you intend to meet, don’t forget to get the

  • List of exhibitors

  • Schedule of events

PS.Don’t waste your time at the queue, get your online registration done at https://www.gitex.com/.

2.Carry out detailed research about the Attendees

Use LinkedIn to know more about the fellow attendees you plan to meet at the event. This will give you a head start for striking up a conversation and building connections with almost any of the attendees.  Consider if you are planning to meet IoT solution providers or technology partners during the event, you can use their company website or LinkedIn accounts  to gain more information about the products, organization and the representatives themselves.

3.Get a floor map of the show 

Every trade show provides floor maps which can be utilized to efficiently plan your days at the event. The map  will give you a clear picture of the location of different vendors aisles you wanted to visit. 

4.Schedule your meetings

It is always recommended to arrange your key meetings in advance to avoid last minute confusions.Take into consideration the fact that some of your meetings may get rescheduled and plan things accordingly.

5.Don’t forget your business cards

Make sure that you stock up and carry your business cards. Apart from the obvious use of networking, business cards can also help you do away with brochures and their associated costs. Hand out your cards to relevant people and you can ask them to email the required information.

6.Prepare the Perfect Pitch

Promoting your business  is fine but being too self-promotional is something you shouldn’t be doing in a networking event. What can you do is prepare a cute, short and creative bio of your organization explaining more about your products/services/solutions.

7.Go beyond the Event

So finally you met few IoT development companies at the event who could become potential clients or business partners. But failing to follow up after the event results in you missing a fantastic opportunity.Don’t just collect business cards to toss them into a drawer. Connect with the contacts on LinkedIn and send those cards to your sales and marketing team to be added in the prospect list.

Happy Networking. See you at GITEX 2019

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