7 Proven Hacks to Enhance Your Mobile App User Experience

Author: Sneha Gopal
January 27, 2020
7 Proven Hacks to Enhance Your Mobile App User Experience


In this digital age of fierce competition, quality and performance easily outweigh brand loyalty. Creating a fluid user experience is essential for the  success of any mobile app. Efficient user experience UX is the backbone of a visually appealing and engaging app. It can either make or break an app. 

Here are a few considerations that help our team shape the ultimate mobile app user experiences while following a user-centered approach

Reduce Cognitive Load To Enhance Usability 

Cognitive Load refers to the mental effort required to learn new information. While designing apps, remember user attention is precious. The human brain possesses a limited amount of processing power, thus our team ensures that the app doesn’t provide too much information at once.  Information overload can overwhelm the user resulting in him/her abandoning the task or worse the app. 

Say No To Clutter

“Less is more” is the key to successful and engaging app design. Our experts apply the minimalist principles to build effective apps with fewer elements that simplify and improve user interaction. Avoiding redundant links and irrelevant images, a simple design is implemented with minimum content and interface elements ensuring that the user is at ease with the app. 

Build Using Familiar Screens and Existing Mental Models

Your potential users are already using apps and have a mental model about how they work. Building apps using familiar screens, labels and layouts that have become de facto standards allows users to leverage their prior experience while interacting with your app. This reduces user effort while improving engagement.

Make Design Consistent

Consistency plays an important role in app design. It eliminates confusion, increases usability and  makes it easier for the user to navigate and ultimately use the app without treading a new learning curve. 

Mobile app design consistency includes

Visual consistency: Ensure buttons, labels and other elements are consistent across the app.

Functional consistency: Make sure that interactive elements work uniformly throughout the app.

Limit Bandwidth Consumption

A major deterrent in app user experience is high bandwidth consumption. At Toobler, our team takes several measures to reduce app’s bandwidth consumption including creating reusable graphic assets for different tasks, optimizing fonts, images and videos. 

Simplify Navigation

Navigation plays a crucial role in deciding how users interact with your app. Make it as simple as possible eliminating all possible confusions. It should empower the users to effortlessly interact and use your app. 

Clear and well-defined CTA buttons

While designing CTA (call-to-action) button in your app make sure that it is easily visible and accessible and defines the desired action clearly. Place your CTA button in such a manner that your user can easily reach it using his/her thumb without stretching too much or using both hands. 

Optimized user experience not only delights your users but also helps meet business goals