Develop Smarter,Deliver Faster with “8base”

Author: Sneha Gopal
July 30, 2019
Develop Smarter,Deliver Faster with “8base”


Hello everyone!

In this edition, we bring to you 8base-it is a platform enabling front-end developers to build and run enterprise-class web and mobile apps powered by GraphQL. Albert Santalo founded 8base after creating two successful health tech companies.

What exactly is this 8base all about?

It is essentially  a Developer Acceleration Platform that empowers developers and businesses to create and host  web and mobile applications that scale seamlessly, from one end-user to millions.The platform uses low code and enables front-end developers to create business applications 10x faster eliminating  the need for back-end developers and DevOps resources. Isn’t that awesome? 

A quick Overview 

Empower JavaScript 

Use the front-end framework of your  choice and back-end functions written in JavaScript/TypeScript to build applications.

Start small, or go big

MVPs or fully-functional enterprise software, they do it all.

Unify your cloud-based data 

Connect  and access your cloud systems using a single GraphQL API.

Built by developers, for developers

The platform was built with an aim to make developers and enterprises life easier. It offers a wonderful balance between backend control and  front-end freedom essential for modern applications.

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