E-learning app development and cost: How the pandemic has changed the system of education for the better in 2022!

Author: Jose
June 20, 2022
E-learning app development and cost: How the pandemic has changed the system of education for the better in 2022!


Virtual classrooms have been advocated and practiced in e-learning applications around the world. As the pandemic seems to have taken its place and seems unlikely to be eradicated till the human population has been vaccinated, It is most likely that schools and universities will operate remotely, and e-learning apps will be of a better use for students to dive in & learn and get the best possible learning from teachers. This is where e-learning app development comes into prominence. Let’s explore in detailed below.

How are e-learning apps empowering education during the pandemic?

E-learning mobile app act as a platform that connects students and teachers, but more than that, they empower and uplift the whole education domain. These e-learning app features have allowed students and users who can’t travel long distances and find it challenging to meet the costs of the desired courses to get access to education. Here is a few ways e-learning app development is uplifting education in general:

1. Flexibility in classes

One of the best things about e-learning app development is that it allows students and users to stay flexible with their study schedules as per their own pace and choice. They can choose o go through their study material at any point of time as per their wish, and for teachers, they can decide when they want to run classes and inform the students prior. Online learning courses give students the leeway to stay flexible to their preferable time of the study.

2. Remote learning

Remote learning is a prime advantage of mobile e-learning app development. Students gain access to quality education from various locations. There is ‘N’ number of students who can’t travel long distances or move to faraway places and get quality education, and remote learning is a lifesaver for students as such. Remote learning allows students to get in contact with teachers who can teach them from any location at their convenience. Remote learning can be said as a revolutionary e-learning mobile app feature that has brought a significant change and has made education accessible.

3. Affordable lessons

Education is one of the most exploited domains in terms of money-making and business. Education is seen as a privilege by most top schools. E-learning applications break that barrier for students by making education inexpensive for students by giving them access to quality courses on the online forum. Whether you are going through a live online class or you are going through a pre-recorded class, e-learning apps save you from getting a hole in your pocket.

4. Interactive classes

With the development of e-learning apps, learning is more than just static delivery of content. It has become more of an interactive exercise where teachers and students practice to communicate and connect to share their viewpoints and opinions. Students can question topics from their convenience and get assisted with their homework by connecting with their tutors and teachers anytime they want. Apart from that, e-learning platforms also allow students to get together with multiple assignments. With the help of mobile applications, teachers can make groups for students and assign assignments that students can work on together with the use of the app.

5. Diverse learning

E-learning app features are not just stunted to the curriculum. Some of the best universities have educational applications that aim to provide schooling and information apart from the material in the modules. This allows students to acquire and master new skills and get insights on various other domains apart from their topic of study. Today, mobile e-learning applications have opened their wings to a surplus of options for students to gain knowledge.

Types of E-learning applications

There are few essential e-learning app development models that you can ask your e-learning application developers to work on, and here are some of them:

1. Course-based application

An application that is designed specifically for running courses is cited as a course-based app. Typically, the course material consists of audio and video media that are exclusively accessible within the e-learning app.

2. Smart connect

The innovative connect-based application is designed to project the material exclusively for teaching and training purposes. This type of material is most likely to be used in smart classrooms.

3. Examination-based application

This model of e-learning app development is specifically garnered for various tests and aptitude series to precisely assess the student/user’s knowledge in a particular given topic. The application then registers the response entered by the students, analyzes the input, and publishes the result.

4. Specialization-based application

These are apps that concentrate specifically on a clear-cut domain and are dedicated to educating individuals on that specific domain.

Key Features you should have in E-learning Application

There are certain key features that every E-learning application must have to thrive at it’s best and here they are:

1. Accessibility

Unlike the usual norm of in-person classroom lectures, with the help of online learning, students have access at all times to the curriculum. This comes in handy while preparing for a test. With in-person classes, if you are not able to attend a lecture on a topic, you will have to prepare that particular topic on your own. Whereas in an e-learning environment, you always have access to the topics that you want to learn.

2. Lower-cost

In comparison with the traditional ways of teaching, personalized e-learning costs of development are pretty low. The lessons are registered with ease for the students with the help of multimedia like images and videos, which provide more profound insights & understanding to the students.

3. Delivering quick lessons

Online learning is a perfect medium to offer classes at a faster rate. In comparison to the conventional methodology of classroom training, e-learning is comparatively quick.

4. Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics come in handy as it allows the administrator to track the overall performance of the app and the search pattern of the student using the application. This gives the admin the leeway to follow the comprehensive course of activities, such as students who submit their assignments, students who show up for tests, scores, and more.

5. Open discussion-forum

By initiating an open discussion convention within the e-learning app development, you can allow interaction between the students using the application, where the students and users can voice out their opinions if they are in need of new topics and can let their feedback known on the topics which are available at present. This feature helps in brainstorming learning between the users of the application.

Elements to keep in mind during E-learning app development

Now, before you begin with executing your plan of developing an E-learning app, there are few pointers to keep in mind, to get the best version of the E-learning application. Here are a few pointers:

1. Be confident in your idea

Keep in mind that digital learning is a highly competitive space, and you definitely want to study your competitors before getting into this space. The key is pretty apparent, just like any other business, and it is to bring is an element of difference that can separate you from the general crowd. Study your competitors and check for loopholes to take leverage of them. Be confident of your ideas and execute them to the best.

2. Analyze target audience

Be sure of your target audience. Are you catering to beginner students or advanced professionals of the subject? Whatever audience you have targeted in mind, make sure that you have content that will draw them in and intrigue the user to study the content. How long you can hold a user’s attention and draw them in is going to predict the popularity of your application.

3. Work on the user interface

Another critical factor to consider is the overall usability of the e-learning application. You have to make sure you bring pleasing aesthetics to the e-learning mobile app design or the web application, thus giving the user a fantastic experience. The ability of the user to navigate with ease between the pages of the web/mobile application also is a deciding factor that attributes to overall usability. Assigning this work to an elite UI/UX team can get the job done. Just be precise about what you want.

4. Work your way with an MVP

You can form an MVP, which is a minimum viable product. An MVP’s concept is somewhat similar along the lines of a prototype. So you can curate a list of the features you want in your e-learning app development, add them to your MVP, and make amendments based upon user feedback and your likes after the application’s working.

5. Lay down a monetization method

Apart from your passion for getting into this domain or the motive, making profits is definitely in front of the line, and committing to a monetization model will help you yearn for the best profit probability for you.

How to Develop an E-learning Platform?

The e-learning domain is home to a multitude of apps and platforms for an intriguing overall learning experience. Here’s a short compiled list of things to do for the development of a fine e-learning application:

  • Do your market research. Your app should be relevant to the target audience you are trying to target. Be clear of the type of audience you are trying to capture and make content for.

  • Check up with your competitors. Getting feedback and criticism from the people of your domain, who have been through this process can cut short your process by miles and put you light years ahead.

  • Draw a framework of your application. Think about the overall design, the features you would like to integrate, the audience that you are trying to target, how you would like your application to be different from others? the subscription plans? and the logic in general.

  • Collaborate and create partnerships with educators to get deeper insights into the domain and create content based upon feedback and insights from educators.

  • Last but not the least, Hire a mobile/web application development firm to take care of the technical portion of building your E-learning application.

So, how much does it actually cost to develop an E-learning App?

There are three significant factors that play an essential role when it comes to the development of the overall E-learning app development cost.

1. Application features and complexity

If the application comprises only the basic functionalities, then the prices would be less than an advanced e-learning application with audio and video integrations and cutting-edge functionalities.

2. Platforms for which the e-learning app is developed and designed

This factor depends upon the platform for which the mobile application is being designed and developed. For example, some e-learning applications make their mobile app exclusive to android to cut down on costs. On the flip side, if you aim to cover people on all platforms, then the prices to develop and design your e-learning app development are much higher.

3. Development team size and its location

The price per hour for an e-learning app development cost can vary from one region to another. The cost for developers around the US or Uk can average from $150-$250/hour. European-based mobile developers’ prices can range from $80-$180/hour. Indian developers’ have the most economical prices, which can range from $20-$70/hour. Indian developers are the go-to because of their reasonable rates. Basically, the overall cost of development for an e-learning app can range from $10,000-$30,000. If your e-learning application is integrated with advanced features, then the overall cost of action has a high potential to be higher than the average cost.


With the rise and growth of E-learning app development being at its apex, if you have wanted to set foot in this domain of education and digitalization, then now is the best time. If you have a unique idea about the working of an E-learning application, and you genuinely believe your idea can have an impact and make the lives of students and teachers easier, then get in touch with elite e-learning app developers and get things started. Good luck!

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